From Cost per Square Meter to Employee Fulfillment Rate: How to Redefine Real Estate Assets?


July 5, 2024

Maddyness x Factory - Article 4

This week, it's Nicolas Hanart, Director of the Real Estate Strategy Division (and incidentally, the first employee of Factory), who speaks in Maddyness alongside Fanny Lamarque, Director of Workplace Environment at Keolis, to address the complex question: how much does an office cost?

On a daily basis, Nicolas helps companies better understand the actual cost of their workspaces to optimize them by asking the right questions.

Indeed, the dashboard has shifted from cost per square meter to indicators related to the employees themselves because, as you might have noticed, companies need to offer much more than square meters to bring teams back to the office.

And because one article won’t be enough to cover the vast subject of real estate strategy, we plan to give Nicolas the floor again to answer (almost) all your questions.
Stay tuned...

The full article published (in French) on July 4, 2024, is available on the Maddyness website.