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A Real Estate Solution Fueling Group Transformation

the client

CNP Assurances operates in Europe and Latin America, with over 50 million policyholders. As the second largest insurer in France, CNP needed to establish a new headquarters that brings together more than 3,000 employees and embodies its purpose: openness to others and the world.

Real estate master plan
Workplace strategy
Issy - Cœur de ville
25,000 sqm

The request

In June 2022, CNP reached out to Factory as the construction of the new headquarters had already been underway for several months and the move from Montparnasse to Issy les Moulineaux was planned.

As a key player in the new Issy Cœur de Ville eco-district, CNP had a SFSC consisting of two buildings, with 25,000 and 7,500 square meters.
To support its transformation and integration of new work modes, the first request was to update the needs and usage of the users to project them into these future buildings.

The question posed to us was, “Do we need this much space?” The answer was clear: the main building of 25,000 square meters alone can accommodate all employees. However, the entire program had to be revisited through the lens of the given challenges: how to better integrate innovation, collaborative work, and improve cross-functional teamwork.

A daring bet

How to perform 2 months of internal audit in an already advanced project without drastically impacting ongoing work and the delivery schedule? At Factory, we have a culture of complex and ambitious projects that involve major decisions and difficult choices.

So we begin our mission with a recommendation with decisive consequences for the rest of the project: the transition to a flexible office and the abandonment of the closed office for all members of the group including the Executive Committee. This decision is the result of many collaborative studies on work surface occupation rates, new organizations and the normalization of teleworking and will be decisive in abandoning the second building.

Listen to better engage

A successful transformation project requires the participation of employees. To achieve this, we partnered with La Fabrique Spinoza, our trusted change management consultant. They implemented a three-step approach:

1. Extensive listening to assess the change’s impact on employees and company culture.
2. Employee involvement in facility projects to boost engagement and empowerment.
3. Driving adoption through promoting individual adoption of the change.

Undertaking Large-Scale Projects

After the initial phase, it was necessary to implement the program in a short time frame. Leveraging its general contractor offering, Factory was entrusted with the office renovation and construction of the new headquarters. This was a major challenge for our teams, who delivered 25,000 square meters of office space in 3.5 months thanks to a proven methodology and technical expertise established by Factory since its inception.

Key aspects of this project
• Optimization of space and real estate costs
• Engagement of employees and change management support
• Project management and implementation with the design & build method by Factory

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