We are inventing the professional spaces of the future.

Property searches, fitting-out, works, interior design: workspaces become an investment in your performance.


Our hallmark is found in what we make possible.

All our designs
  • Finding the right workplace setting is the essential first step.

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  • How to adapt the workplace environment to current or future needs.

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  • A brand is not a logo, it's an experience. Embodying your brand in your workspaces creates a very strong emotional connection between the space and its users.

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Workspace design
  • Factory's architects are interior designers, creators of places, passionate planners and great people who care about details and the well-being of future users.

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  • Our engineers monitor the successful completion of a construction or refurbishment project, from inception to final handover.

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  • Make your spaces more functional, comfortable, welcoming, and warm with unique furniture and decoration that reflects your image.

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  • Create a unique experience for your users.

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Well-conceived spaces are a significant tool for businesses which want to go further, faster, better.

Rethink, rework, rebuild.

We give space to new ideas so that we can build the future together at work.

The TeamThe Team

80 skills to build the offices of tomorrow.