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The Social Club Spirit

the client

Owkin is a biotech company using AI with the mission of finding the right treatment for every patient. By gaining insight into complex biology through AI, Owkin identifies new treatments, reduces risk and accelerates clinical trials, and develops diagnostic tools.

Owkin uses federated data access to gain valuable insights from patient data while ensuring confidentiality and securing proprietary data. Owkin integrates the best of human and artificial intelligence to answer the research questions facing biopharmaceutical and academic researchers.

Owkin was co-founded by Thomas Clozel MD, former assistant professor in clinical onco-hematology, and Gilles Wainrib, a pioneer in the field of machine learning in biology, in 2016. Owkin has raised over $300 million and become a unicorn thanks to investments from major biopharmaceutical companies (Sanofi and BMS) and venture capital funds (Fidelity, GV and BPI, among others)

Workplace strategy
Design & build
Interior design
Paris 9ème
2 300 m2

The need

To embody a multifaceted identity in a new space

With the assistance of Factory, Owkin established a highly detailed specification outlining its requirements. The objective was to design the company’s offices in a fully renovated building near the Grands Boulevards, while staying true to Owkin’s identity, which embodies a multitude of qualities: active, diverse, intelligent, playful, responsible, inspired, and inspiring.

It was crucial to showcase Owkin’s capacity for innovation, inclusivity, and its commitment to providing recreational moments for its employees. In addition to functional offices, Owkin desired a distinctive architectural approach for each space, aiming to create a unique user experience that reflects its philosophy of hospitality and hybridization.

Through this project, Owkin aimed to transition into a more sophisticated and refined dimension, symbolizing the company’s growth and expansion.

A balancing act

Understanding the essence of the brand was a significant challenge that the client anticipated. Factory swiftly identified the brand’s identity, values, and overall ambiance, while delicately balancing the embodiment of the brand within the spaces and preserving the historical character of the location.

Once the project was initiated, the tight deadlines necessitated a collaborative approach, with regular workshops to ensure co-construction and validation of crucial stages, such as design choices. To maintain transparency and smooth communication with our client, we implemented a digital and collaborative project management system.

Additionally, Factory aided Owkin in structuring the spaces to prioritize the well-being and needs of the employees, placing them at the core of the design. As a result, the first floor, previously a Haussmannian reception floor, underwent a complete transformation to accommodate areas dedicated to employee well-being, including bicycle and rollerblade storage, secure lockers, a dining area, a recreational space, and a library. The ground floor and the third floor were allocated as dedicated work environments.

An office version of a social club

Owkin’s primary inspiration for the design of its premises was the concept of a social club, representing their commitment to hospitality and conviviality by blending various cultural references. To recreate this premium ambiance, we enhanced the existing materials and incorporated high-end decorative elements such as cut stone, molding, and Burgundy terracotta tiles. Symbolic brand elements were subtly integrated through totemic elements, reminiscent of the company’s activities, such as spiral lighting representing the DNA and playful incorporation of the main graphic element, the orb.

The functional spaces were strategically designed to cater to employees’ needs throughout the day, fostering adaptability and usability. Approximately one-third of the spaces were dedicated to relaxation, offering amenities such as restaurants, ping pong tables, a games room, a basketball hoop, a music area, and a library. Each space seamlessly transitions into the next while maintaining its distinct character.

Aligned with Owkin’s commitment to a circular economy approach, the Factory teams sourced a variety of furniture pieces, alternating between custom-made and reclaimed items. Paying homage to the medical sector, one of the herbal tea rooms drew inspiration from vintage pharmacies.
Even after the teams moved into the premises, our work continued as the move-in date coincided closely with the project’s completion. This allowed Factory to provide exceptional after-sales service, which proved to be an added advantage for our client.

We take great pride in accomplishing this project within a tight timeline, delivering exquisite creativity while adhering to our client’s budget.

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