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How a Law Firm Embraces the Next Generation of Work

the client

IPISIDE, SANTARELLI, and BREVALEX law firms have merged, representing the largest consolidation in the French industrial property consulting market. The new entity, bringing together the three firms, has a strong overall offering allowing it to be at the forefront in the protection of innovation and more generally in industrial property. In this context, the new law firm needed to have a real estate tool that brings together its various entities and lays the foundation for its new company culture.

Workplace strategy
Design & Build
1800 m2

The Requirement

By merging its entities, three different histories and cultures had to be brought together, and a new, more cross-functional and collaborative law firm organization had to be embodied. The client’s request was twofold: real estate advisory to define the ideal location and type of space, and a design & build mission to design and create a workplace that supports the firm’s new international positioning and organizational model.

The Real Estate Challenge

Bringing Together Three Entities At Factory, we embrace challenges that involve juggling multiple large-scale issues. How to simultaneously coordinate the end of three leases and the move of three entities into one location? This initial task was entrusted to our real estate experts who devised an ambitious strategy:
• Developing a first real estate requirements document that incorporates the flexibility of work and telecommuting for employees as well as programming and needs-gathering phases
• Supporting the firm in managing the end of different leases
• Simultaneously conducting a feasibility study of the project across four different sites
• Negotiating with landlords
• Shortlisting locations that match the initial requirements document and strategic and human goals
• Aligning all entities and employees with the final choice of the site through a webinar facilitated by our teams.

Collaborative Project

Few companies involve their employees as much as in their relocation project, yet this is the strategy favored by the executive committee through numerous actions such as a study of employees’ locations based on their residential areas and daily commutes, as well as many collaborative interviews and workshops.

The results identified two distinct areas, the central Paris Opera district and the iconic business district of La Défense. Surprisingly, La Défense and the Trinity Tower quickly emerged as the preferred location due to its proximity to clients, its numerous services and shops, and especially its accessibility for employees.

Trinity, a tower with an unprecedented environmental record that broke the mold and offers the best services for corporate offices: a gym, concierge, bar, reception, auditorium… Renowned for its technical infrastructure and quality of services, it offers a stunning view of all of Paris.

A location design to unite corporate cultures

Spanning over 2 1000m2 levels connected by a private staircase, SANTARELLI’s new headquarters naturally addresses the group’s main challenge: to unify the different corporate cultures by promoting cohesion and collaboration. By opting for an open and uncluttered design that prioritizes interactions, Santarelli revolutionizes the working methods of its sector:
• Flex office zones are now available due to the shift to 40% remote work
• Meeting rooms are glass and visible
• Many arrangements are in place to provide the necessary privacy and concentration to address the confidentiality challenges inherent to consulting. At Santarelli, everything is open, transparency and light are prioritized. A form of avant-garde embodied in a resolutely simple, accessible, and elegant style.
The Santarelli project is a case study that embodies all of our expertise and cross-functional skills, it demonstrates our ability to participate in every phase of a complex real estate project while respecting deadlines and budgets.

Key elements :
• Custom real estate advice and strategy
• A location design that embodies a new corporate culture
• Project management and implementation using the design & build method by Factory

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