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Today's haussmannian style

the client

SNC CABERNET is a company specialized in property management and other real estate assets.

500 sqm

Client's Needs

The leader of SNC Cabernet wanted to renovate offices that belonged to her father – which she had always known – in order to rent them out to a company deserving of the prestigious address: 300 sqm in a Haussmannian building located at 15 Rue Marignan in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

The challenge was to bring modernity and comfort while preserving the elegance and charm of the Haussmannian style.

Architectural Concept : The Authentic Factory

The former Haussmannian apartment was quite dark and compartmentalized, with many load-bearing walls! One of the first challenges was to open up this space to bring in light and circulation. A load-bearing wall was demolished and replaced with glass arches that allow light into the main corridor. Benches were added to bring warmth to the space, which has now become a living area rather than just a thoroughfare.

Next, we worked on the Haussmannian elements that had almost disappeared from the space: cornices, moldings, and parquet flooring! We recreated them to match the original design, thus restoring the charm of the old. We also removed the carpets and renovated the original parquet where possible, or added high-quality parquet when necessary.

We preserved the original wooden ceiling, which appeared dark and heavy before the renovations. Paired with modern elements, it became a strong feature that no longer weighed down the space but enhanced it.

Luxury is in the Details

We approached the entire project with curves and softness to create a high-end yet warm atmosphere. For example, glass arches delicately separate the different areas.

Throughout the offices, we sought to hide the technical elements that, if visible, would have disrupted the desired charm and elegance. A yellow cable path was created to conceal all the electrical and air conditioning components. It became a visual guide that runs through all the spaces, becoming an aesthetic element! In each area, this path connects to a lowered false ceiling in the center of the room, allowing the cornices and moldings to remain visible.

In the relaxation and dining area, all the technical elements such as the dishwasher were also concealed in a back kitchen. They are separated by wooden cladding. Similarly, the toilets were hidden: a skirting board surrounds them, making the door invisible.

A significant effort was put into the finishing touches and the selection of quality materials to create the desired luxurious image. Brass and wood were primarily used, in harmony with the Haussmannian style. From the choice of switches to invisible hinges, every detail was carefully considered and weighed.

Most of the fittings were custom-made, resulting in a coherent and harmonious whole. The cushions were also made to measure, with a water-repellent, stain-resistant treatment to ensure that the beige color remains intact!


The offices quickly found takers and are now occupied! Combining old-world charm and modern luxury, they exude a serene and gentle atmosphere.

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