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Founded in 2019 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort, Sorare is a fantasy football game start-up that set a historic record in French fundraising.

It offers digital cards to be exchanged via cryptocurrency. These NFT (non-fungible token) cards, represent professional football players, with 4 levels of digital scarcity. Each NFT is registered on the Ethereum blockchain, the second biggest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin.
With these cards, collectors can participate in a fantasy football game and try to win the competitions.

This start-up brings together a distinctive universe, football, with a phenomenon that is gaining momentum, cryptocurrencies. Its cutting-edge concept makes it a company that surfs between the real and the virtual.

Real estate research
Architectural concept
550 m2 (5920 sq. ft.)


Sorare is a fast-growing start-up company, aiming for rapid growth. They wanted to quickly find office space in the 1st district of Paris, which could accommodate their short/medium term expansion. The search criteria were: premises for 50 people, 100% private, with an outdoor space, already operated with a flexible commitment.

In order to give us time to conduct a relevant search, we initially found them a transitional site: the WeWork co-working space. This temporary solution allowed us to find offices adapted to their project and their ambitions: a 550 m2 space in the 1st district of Paris that met all their criteria.

Once the premises were found, it was a question of installing Sorare’s strong and distinctive identity by creating a unique experience: fantasy football on the edge between the real and the virtual.


Just as Sorare is a brand that offers a new experience around football, by proposing a futuristic gaming approach, the offices had to cause a sensation. More than offices, this space represents more than a business card address: many journalists and investors can visit it!

The objective was to create an identity universe, with strong branding.
Their brand signature “The game within the game” has become the fundamental principle of the interior design, exploring all facets of the football world. The brand is represented everywhere, in all its forms. Each space is designed to represent a particular facet: from the entrance to the stadium, to the matches, from the spectator to the player, from the virtual game to the real game.

The central element is a connected football field, which uses a motion sensor system coupled with artificial intelligence to count the number of goals. The user finds himself as a life-size fantasy game player.

Next to the soccer field, on the “English pub” side, a space reminiscent of Chesterfields bars, which is undeniably part of the soccer universe!

Around this digital Sorare stadium, there are all the features of a classic stadium: at the building’s entrance, an aluminum wall with soccer T-shirts signed by the players, reminiscent of a video game menu. We also provided locker rooms to encourage soft mobility with a dozen bicycle spaces, lockers and showers… just like in a stadium locker room! Each meeting room is also named after a football player, with related artworks.


The space anchors the visitor in the strong universe of the brand: football, digital, gaming experience and support. But it was important not to lose sight of the practical and utilitarian aspect of the offices with a strong focus on the user experience. We had to succeed in being playful without becoming anecdotal, while thinking about the comfort of these offices.

One of the main objectives was to offer a great modularity of the spaces. The football field can be used to play games, as a conference room, or as a place to watch games due to its retractable screen and modular seats! Throughout the premises, one of the materials used is an aluminum RS profile, like in sports brand stores. It allows for a great capacity for renewal.

The office space is in the style of a loft, simple and uncluttered with concrete to ensure a contemporary and serene atmosphere for employees. However, the brand ever-present! A 14 m (45.9 ft.) long timeline displays all the brand’s important dates. An employer branding approach that highlights Sorare’s appreciation of its employees: more than employees, they are stakeholders in the project.


Sorare’s premises are more than just offices, they reflect a brand that has combined several universes to create a unique one. From the daily user to the simple visitor, everyone will be fully immersed in the Sorare experience.

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