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TOTAL ENERGIES is a global energy production and supply company. Founded in 1924 by Ernest Mercier, the company is the world’s 6th largest in the sector and ranks as one of France’s largest companies.

On May 5, 2021, Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman of TOTAL, officially announced the group’s new ambitions : achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This colossal and revolutionary project is driven by several major projects.

Paris 2ème
5 500 m2


In the midst the COVID crisis in May 2020, Total launched a consultation process in order to design the premises for their new digital Factory.

Like AIR FRANCE, RATP and THALES, the company wanted to accelerate its digital transformation. This new innovation HUB located in the heart of Paris and the « Silicon Sentier, » will bring together multidisciplinary skills (developers, UX designers, data scientists, IS architects, etc.) in the same space.

The aim is to reduce constraints and streamline decision-making processes. Through an ultra-agile work environment, creativity will thrive.

It will have 4 major objectives:
– Incubate and accelerate Total’s projects
– Integrate seamlessly into the organization
– Serve the businesses
– Participate in the group’s digital acculturation

Above all, the digital and technological transformation requires recruiting the best young talents. Total Digital Factory aspires to convince young people, who seek important causes, to be part of a project with great ambitions. The success of this transformation lies in the adhesion of the TOTAL project’s targets and our ability to create transparency, sincerity and legitimacy.

TOTAL brought in Factory as project manager and general contactor with a global mission of space planning, architecture, etc.


The collaboration with TOTAL’s teams quickly centered around an idea. Total Digital Factory must be a place of appropriation. How do you create a place that brings people together when you still have to recruit 90% of the workforce? This was the challenge of the project launch, which led us to adopt a specific methodology. Co-creation workshops were held for one month with a target audience, the first employees of the Digital Factory. The project was driven by a simple idea: free ourselves from the employer brand’s codes to create a place dedicated to users, yet recognizable and easy to appropriate by everyone.

The Digital Factory is a brand, a state of mind, a group ambition, a message directly sent to a generation of talents. To achieve this, Factory worked with the future occupants for several weeks to define a message.

The space communicates directly to its target group in their language, while sending a positive and creative message to all the group’s employees. Although the TOTAL brand is not directly promoted, it is reflected in the DNA of the premises. To meet this major challenge, Factory called on its teams dedicated to storytelling and creating a site identity. The teams proposed a graphic and experiential universe that served as a common thread for the entire project. Total Digital Factory was thus renamed TDF and offers a universe directly connected to the business.


Rare are the projects that are entirely driven by the future tenants. While the tech world naturally emerged as a founding element of the space, it was essential to offset the user experience with a warm and family spirit. Factory lean on his experience with start-up and his expertise to propose a hybrid project, inspired by the codes of the hotel industry, restaurants and new coworking concepts.

The TDF is an invitation to creativity. From the entrance hall, a screen wall sets the tone. An interactive and generative work of art which takes up the codes of the place and is in real time connected with the building. An artistic and useful installation that bridges the gap between the different jobs carried out in the internal teams. The TDF is not just a concept, but a reality that inspires whom the experience begins at the entrance hall.

Here, there is no traditional reception, a hostess welcomes you in a hybrid space that looks like a new generation hotel lobby. The lobby opens onto a dining area that combines agile meeting and relaxation areas. The entire ground floor is designed as a modular event zone that meets the needs of different daily uses.


TDF offers 5 floors of work areas. The architecture meticulously respects the identity codes of the premises, while the signage organizes it. A logo, 6 levels and 5 colors that define the colorimetry of the floors. Although the colors may seem anecdotal, they define an ultra-millimeter organization and space planning.

First and foremost, TDF is an intelligent production tool. Teams are organized according to specific protocols, the “squad” mode guarantees interaction and creativity, but most importantly, productivity. This way of working, practiced by many start-ups, is at the origin of TDF’s entire space planning.

This system is conducive to integrating TOTAL group’s business entities. The rest of the space is designed as a flex office or hybrid spaces offering comfortable meeting and relaxation areas. Each floor has an independent kitchen and lounges that are ideal for connectivity and team exchange.

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