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Among Moms, we understand each other

the client

WeMoms is a platform for sharing information on motherhood, aimed at mothers. It aims to bring together a supportive and compassionate community to find answers to its questions. A subsidiary of the rising unicorn Voodoo, it is now experiencing strong success and rapid growth!

300 m2

Client Needs

With about 40 employees in 200 m2, the growing company took advantage of its acquisition by VOODOO to undergo a real transformation that resulted in the search for a new iconic headquarters: offices for them, like them, for them!

Factory was commissioned for a first support and real estate research mission. Given the success of this first step and its overall support offer, Factory was naturally entrusted with the design and arrangement of We Moms’ offices to create a place for sharing and productivity with a strong identity.

Lease optimization and contract negotiation

At the start of our mission, our client entrusted us with the search for a 1000 m2 space in central Paris. From the first visits and comparing the specifications, we quickly identified an issue of over-dimensioning of the usable surface. The search thus went from 1000 to 300 m2, offering more project coherence and allowing for cost optimization: a smaller space, but with better quality services.

A great opportunity then presented itself in the heart of Silicon Sentier: 300 m2, Rue du Louvre, close to Voodoo. The premises were in poor condition and required major rehabilitation and renovation work. Our teams identified this situation as an opportunity for negotiation, which allowed for tripartite discussions between WeMoms, the former tenants, and the owner to coordinate the best work schedule and have the landlord take charge of part of the work to enhance its asset.

Overall renovation work

A raw space to be renovated is the guarantee of a custom-made project that meets all the client’s needs. It is also a guarantee of a support and confidence-building phase for the client to help them imagine themselves in an empty shell and in a reality that is not always comfortable. The site thus benefited from a complete cleaning, a total renovation of the plumbing, electrical, heating, and ventilation lots.

WeMoms is a major rehabilitation project that required months of study and technical expertise to enhance the space for both the owner and the user. This approach is unique to Factory and allows for healthy and sustainable relationships.

Like at WeMoms, like at home

Just as their job takes care of people, we have created a space fully dedicated to the well-being of the team. The premises have been designed both as a cocoon for employees and as a showcase for the brand to its sponsors and the brands that WeMoms collaborates with. Two dynamics that have been reconciled without opposition.

The brand’s universe, aimed at a female audience, naturally refers to motherhood, with a predominant use of pink and red colors. We have adapted these elements so that they can also reflect the new ambition and posture of the brand, evolving the pink towards a terracotta red that brings more warmth and prestige.

At Factory, we are increasingly developing projects that integrate living spaces right from the office entrance. Here, from the entrance area, we find warm, warm, and soft materials and colors with different types of seating and positions to create the atmosphere of “like at home.” In the kitchen, a large bench encourages sharing and conviviality.

The rest of the spaces are organized in two fully glazed open spaces, creating areas adapted to the organization and comfort of the teams. At Wemoms, one never has to search for a meeting or isolation room: their number has been intentionally oversized to ensure moments of confidentiality.

Key success factors :
• Real estate advice
• Contract negotiation
• Assistance in negotiating financing for works

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