40 Paradis

Paris // 600m²


40 Paradis - Espace de travail

Industrial modernity.

40 Paradis - Vue partielle
40 Paradis - Vue partielle

The client.

A private property company commissioned Factory for the complete renovation and optimisation of their premises, prospecting the occupation of a tenant in the near future. The challenge was to build these offices without knowing the client’s end user and therefore his specific needs. Our client is well located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris and more particularly in the area of Rue Paradis, which attracts many start-ups and innovative companies.

In fact, the offices have been occupied by Legal Place since September 2019. The company is specialized in the online management of contracts and legal formalities.

The client's needs.

The objective of this project was to convert an aged and non-optimized professional surface of 600 m2 into a functional space, but also to upgrade the value in order to attract a young and dynamic company.

40 Paradis - Vue partielle
40 Paradis - Vue partielle

A renovation that conserves the specifications of the place.

Factory took care of the complete renovation of the place, which is organized on two floors. Consequent work was carried out, the very structure of the space was deboned and then renovated. This also included all the original installations (ventilation, plumbing, electricity…). The special, symbolic features of the place have been preserved and can be seen in the large vintage glass roof, inspired by the Baltard halls of 1900.

Visible from the courtyard of the building, it brings an extraordinary aspect and personality to the place. The challenge was then to preserve and renovate it, in order to meet safety and firewall standards. Other particularities of the place were highlighted, such as the greening of an old wall or the conservation and enhancement of the antique machinery.

The transformation of a basement into a living space.

The initial space consisted of a first floor of 100 m2 as well as a basement of nearly 150 m2, which until now had been little or only poorly used. This narrow and low-light area was difficult to use for professional purposes.

The main challenge was to bring the two surfaces together. Several important points were therefore changed: the entire traffic flow was rethought and led to the creation of a new staircase, allowing better circulation between the two floors. The entire concrete slab was bored to allow the installation of bay windows and glass panels, thus benefiting from a large amount of light.

We also had to be able to respond to a number of issues related to the work environment to offer a glimpse of the offices of tomorrow. To do so, we created open and collaborative spaces, living spaces to bring teams together and unite them, such as the creation of a kitchen. Finally, living spaces have been separated to allow team meetings or discussions in small committees.

40 Paradis - Vue partielle
40 Paradis - Espace de travail
40 Paradis - Vue partielle

An industrial style inspired by the Centre Pompidou.

The original industrial DNA of the neighbourhood and the place was preserved and respected. It is a highly valued element in this neighbourhood, which absolutely had to be enhanced.

The colour palette and choice of materials respect the neutrality of the premises, allowing for the reception and installation of all types of operators.

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