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ACL Audit - Vue partielle

A home-like atmosphere in the telecommuting era.

ACL Audit - Vue partielle
ACL Audit - Salle de réunion

ACL is an audit and accounting firm that offers a new and modern vision of the profession. Due to its digital solutions and well-designed tools, ACL simplifies and streamlines the accounting experience!

This positioning has allowed ACL to build a client portfolio of innovative companies in the tech sector.

ACL Audit - Espace de travail

After installing the premises on Général Foy street in the 8th district in Paris three years ago, ACL called on Factory once again to fit out their new office. Their strong growth pushed them to invest in a new space, larger and equal to their evolution.

They had already found premises in the 17th district, in Batignolles. A prosperous village-like neighborhood with a warm atmosphere. The 1970’s building had to be completely redesigned and refurbished to reflect the modern and human DNA of the brand’s values.

The space is divided into two floors with a total of 595m2. ACL wanted to update the premises to make it a place to live and work.

Transparency and clarity in a modular space.

The space offered exceptional brightness with a double exposure, creating a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. We then worked on a layout that highlighted this light by delimiting the spaces without partitioning them. For example, the four company directors needed individual offices for confidentiality reasons, but we used glass partitions in order to keep this spirit of clarity and transparency. This desire for openness is also in line with ACL’s daily routine, which highly values teamwork.

ACL Audit - Escalier garde-corps
ACL Audit - Vue partielle

Since the offices are spread over two spaces, we created a central staircase that connects the two levels to create more fluidity.

The ground floor is the heart of the building. There is a kitchen, open space workstations, a boardroom, a large phone booth and informal meeting spaces. It offers great modularity by offering different types of seating and spaces. The kitchen has been designed for several uses, the staff can enjoy lunch, or have a coffee at the central island bar, but also organize a meeting or an event with the installation of state-of-the-art projection equipment.

On the first floor, there are 50 open space workstations, separated by 2 individual phone booths, which create breathing space without partitioning. Here too, modularity is key: managers are seated on collaborative tables that can be used as a meeting place as well as workstations. Employees evolve in an open but not impersonal place: we find the warm and reassuring aspect of small spaces, while having the freedom and brightness of an open space.

Make the space your own.

ACL Audit - Espace détente et de restauration

In a context where telecommuting has become commonplace, the offices have been designed to accommodate all the diverse aspects of life: leisure, exchanges, work and rest.

A “home-like” vibe that translates into a cozy and inviting atmosphere. We used warm tones with elegant and modern materials such as Burgundy walnut, which we paired with a range of warm greens such as Labrador green.

These choices allowed us to create a certain standing in line with the brand’s positioning. In the same way that ACL’s service allows for simple and efficient management of its accounts, the offices were designed to support and meet the needs of its occupants. The decoration is present but not omnipresent in order to maintain a feeling of clarity, cleanliness and order. The atmosphere is serious, but not ovely formal, while offering comfort and serenity.

The appropriation of the space was not done by establishing a visual identity specific to ACL. The brand is defined by the quality of its support. In these offices, there is no giant logo on display, instead, there are objects in the colors of the clients. Numerous shelves have been installed in the space so that each employee can place an object that is meaningful to him or her, such as a T-shirt, a cap or a basketball with the client’s image on it. This enhances the value of the people working for the company by highlighting this “home-like” environment.

ACL Audit - Salle de réunion
ACL Audit - Vue partielle


These new offices offer modularity through their layout, which we wanted to make adaptable and intelligible. Moreover, it is also modular for the future evolutions that it can offer. There are plans to improve the lounge with a table soccer game, but also to accommodate the company’s medium-term evolution with the possibility of increasing the number of workstations.

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