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& Other Stories - Espace de travail

& Other Stories to tell.

& Other Stories - Espace de travail

A subsidiary of the H&M fashion group, & Other Stories joined the fashion big league in 2013.

With its collections of clothes, accessories, shoes and beauty products inspired by the signature styles of the world's most iconic cities, it has quickly found its audience. Los Angeles, Paris and Stockholm are the muses of & Other Stories' collections. A choice that is anything but haphazard, given that these are the locations of the company's design and creation workshops.

The sun and palm trees of California, French elegance and the icy landscapes of Stockholm all lend an inimitable, timeless style to the brand's collections. The selection is also part of an environmentally responsible approach, with the ambition of preserving these landscapes. It is the story of a brand whose stories bring women's fashion to life and it's a story that has inspired Factory to bring the soul of the brand to life on their premises.

Shedding light on the needs of a specific sector.

& Other Stories - Vue partielle
& Other Stories - Vue partielle

In the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, the head office has been patiently awaiting renovation since the premises were acquired 17 years ago.

These walls are landmarks for the staff, and within them still resonate the stories that have marked the life of & Other Stories. Factory's challenge was to dust off and modernise, without changing the character of the place. When H&M, the parent company, called on Factory, we took our role very seriously: to keep the old stories alive and allow the brand to write new ones.

A two-storey project for two worlds that feed off each other and come together on a daily basis. It was a real balancing act for Factory to design in modularity for the premises, both separating and communicating the spaces. On one side, the textile division; on the other, the accessories division, each with its own specificities and constraints.

A tailor-made project, in the image of their collections.

& Other Stories - Espace détente et restauration
& Other Stories - Espace de travail

This project was based on a process of co-creation and collective iteration on several levels.

Firstly, Factory's teams helped & Other Stories scope a coherent and realistic budget. We also helped them to formulate their expectations step by step, so that together we could refine the design of the project. The first step in this co-authored journey was to give space to & Other Stories' ideas, in order that we could grasp their inherent qualities.

Taking into consideration the polarity of the spaces and the constraints of cohabiting skills and services, we carried out an in-depth study of the working habits of the employees and the way they evolved on a daily basis. We found a solution for every challenge in the use of hybrid furniture, combining traditional offices with creative textile workstations. An excellent way of facilitating cohabitation while simplifying the overall organisation of the space.

Freeing up space and minds through simplicity.

& Other Stories - Vue partielle

As an extension of the striking aesthetic of the & Other Stories' boutiques, we opted for simplicity to highlight the creative processes specific to design professionals.

The high ceilings, large windows and incredible exposure of this Haussmann-style space speak for themselves. "Making it concrete" was the stance that guided us throughout the project. How could designers flourish anywhere other than in a studio?

We wanted to preserve and enhance the setting. To reinforce the spirit of the studio, the workspaces have been partitioned, but the transit between them remains unobstructed. We also paid particular attention to dressing the offices in light, in the belief that this shines a new complexion on ideas.

"We also paid particular attention to dressing the offices in light, in the belief that this shines a new complexion on ideas."

To provide a sense of oversight, custom-designed elements were installed to facilitate the storage of fabric samples. Staff now also have a common area to help them forge links between teams. We wanted the space to be perfectly modular, to create a hybrid relaxation area and meeting room.

"For Factory, simplicity and organisation are the key to a free spirit, efficiency and creative stimulation."

More than a project, it's a commitment that we carried out hand-in-hand with the client, to build the offices of tomorrow together. It was both a human and professional experience for Factory, who imagined this project from the inside, fully immersed in the skills and day-to-day reality of the textile industry.

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