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Issy Les Moulineaux // Seine // 7 000m²


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BC Partners - Vue du lobby

A place connected to the city and nature.

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BC Partners is a specialized investment fund focused on European buyouts.

n 2018, Stéphane Theuriau, Laurian Douin, and Thibault Lauprêtre launched the Real Estate subsidiary, which engages in investments across France, Germany, Italy, and the UK, targeting office, hospitality, residential, industrial, and mixed-use assets.

By the end of 2021, the subsidiary successfully secured €900 million in funds, surpassing its initial target range of €500-700 million. This achievement stands as a testament to the subsidiary’s robustness and the confidence it garners within the markets.

BC Partners - Vue partielle
BC Partners - Espace restauration
BC Partners - Vue du local à vélos

Repositioning a real estate asset:

BC Partners Real Estate approached Factory to assist with the acquisition of a real estate asset located in Issy-les-Moulineaux, just across from Ile-Saint-Germain. The property, formerly the headquarters of BNP Paribas Real Estate, required repositioning in the market.

To achieve this, a comprehensive support mission was necessary, encompassing district audits, place renovation, and the development of a new identity. The client had high expectations for the service offering and the creation of a compelling narrative to facilitate swift marketing of the building.

Crafting a compelling narrative and bringing it to life.

Factory undertook a comprehensive project with BC Partners Real Estate, focusing on delivering strategic recommendations. The teams initiated a preliminary study to analyze the surrounding services, activities, and potential lessees, with a particular focus on media companies, communication agencies, and marketing firms prevalent in the sector. Accessibility was also taken into account. This study served as a foundation for defining a new concept tailored to the target users, emphasizing a comfortable, service-rich environment situated within a green neighborhood with excellent transportation links (tramway, subway, and other sustainable mobility options). These elements collectively enhance the place’s attractiveness, bestowing upon it significant potential.

The resulting concept was that of a bridge:

aptly named Rise, symbolizing the connection between the city and nature, work and relaxation, and placing well-being and balance at the core of its identity. Rise embodies the emancipation of individuals who, within a pleasant work and living environment, can liberate themselves from the constraints of daily life to unleash their full potential.

BC Partners - Terrasse
BC Partners - Terrasse

Building upon this concept, Factory advised its client to undertake a complete reorganization of the spaces and circulation to materialize this new vision. Transforming the utilization of spaces was crucial to provide future users with a fresh experience. The entire first floor underwent significant modifications: the restaurant was replaced with an area dedicated to sustainable mobility, hybrid work zones inspired by coworking practices were integrated, and the reception area was redesigned.

Emphasizing well-being, the restaurant was relocated to the top floor, offering panoramic views and opening onto a 300m2 terrace immersed in nature. Beyond meal times, this space could be repurposed for work, including a newly created meeting room on the terrace. Throughout the process, utmost attention was paid to ensuring premium and sustainable outcomes to meet the building’s various certifications (HQE, BREEAM RFO Excellent, WiredScore Silver).

Finally, Factory crafted marketing tools to showcase the building’s unique features. The teams developed a graphic and editorial framework to effectively communicate the place’s story and identity, serving as a tangible manifestation of the extensive conceptualization and reflection process undertaken.

A space harmoniously connected to the city and nature.

A place connected to the city and to nature Factory has completely redesigned the space to give substance to its vision and concept. The floors have been opened up to let in light and allow nature to be seen from wherever you are. The diversity of the layouts (informal work areas, high seating, offices) reflects the hybridization of uses. The materials, in warm and natural tones, match the comfortable furniture.

Touches of vegetation bridge the gap with the surrounding nature. The human being is at the center of the building: this link is reflected in the totemic and signage elements, but also in the services, such as the smart building application that allows you to find a meeting room, consult the restaurant menu, find out the time of the yoga class or find out about the activities available nearby. A space conducive to creation and emulation.

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area7 000m²

placeIssy Les Moulineaux // Seine


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  • Workplace Strategy.
  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Architectural Concept.

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