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Cellenza - Espace de travail

An inspiring place.

Cellenza - Vue partielle
Cellenza - Salle de réunion

The client.

Cellenza is a consulting firm, a technical expert specialized in the implementation of Microsoft technologies and agile methods. They support all types of customers, especially key accounts, in adopting the best technical and methodological practices.

The company asked Factory to create customized premises for them to accommodate their 70 employees.

Energize the workspace and break the classic Haussmann-style rules.

The company has chosen to be close to their customers by moving to the heart of Paris’s 8th arrondissement. This strategic location is of particular interest for their customers, an interest that is not necessarily shared by the group’s employees. The objective was thus clear: revitalize the workspace and break the classic Haussmann-style rules in order to create an extraordinary and attractive place. The second objective was to create a flexible surface to enable the growth of the teams.

Cellenza - Espace de travail
Cellenza - Espace détente

A complete renovation.

Located near the Champs Élysées, on the 4th floor of a Haussmann-style building, the team operates around a single plateau that has been redesigned as a true living space. To meet the needs of the employees, the place has been totally reorganized to better delimit the spaces, while encouraging the circulation and communication between the rooms.

Partitioning work was done in addition to the renovation work, which included all types of trades, plumbing and electrical systems, masonry, locksmithing, and carpentry. The painting and wallpapers were carefully chosen to be in line with the atmosphere of the place and the image of the company.

Offices in line with the new ways of working.

At Cellenza, we don’t forget anyone! Employees will find areas adapted to their needs: three open spaces to enable teams to work together, a training room, personalized phone boxes and a meeting room. Nicknamed the “Jean-Paul Gaultier room”, it includes a flipchart for brainstorming among colleagues. Finally, an administrative office and an executive office allow for the handling of more confidential matters.

At Factory, we adapt each of our solutions to the specific needs and specifications of the company. The meeting room, previously dissociated from the kitchen, merges and opens onto a luminous space dedicated to community life and sharing amongst teams. This new heart of the company forms the new flow of traffic within the place. A dining room, nicknamed “La Salle Christian Dior”, brings the teams together for lunch. The space is convivial and reflects Cellenza’s corporate identity. It also serves as an informal meeting room, that can also be used as a flexible office. The advantages of this concept are numerous: optimizing space, breaking up routine, improving creativity, and promoting well-being and exchange between colleagues.

Cellenza - Espace de détente et restauration
Cellenza - Salle de réunion
Cellenza - Vue partielle

A very precise design.

Factory created the offices according to the principles of office branding. This means that the premises were entirely designed and furnished in line with the company’s image. Everything has been carefully thought through to facilitate the daily life of the employees, all in a unique and modern way.

The design is pure and neat, the choice of raw materials contrasts with the architecture of the building, wood and paper bring a warm and welcoming feeling.

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