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DocCity, breaking down knowledge barriers to reinvent healthcare

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Medicine is reinventing itself, and with it, new emerging players are laying the foundations for new practices and rethinking the standards of a sector in flux.

DocCity, an innovative player in the healthcare sector, aims to shake off conventions and reinvent medical practices with a strong promise: to facilitate health.

This service operator for professionals has a fundamental mission for the future of healthcare in France : to combat medical deserts by offering state-of-the-art Health Hubs for rent strategically located throughout France.

These new intelligent and hybrid Health Campuses provide practitioners with work and consultation spaces designed for their well-being and that of their patients. Engineered to meet the flexibility needs of practitioners and adapted to medical practice, ergonomics is the cornerstone of this development project. More than just a better working environment for doctors, the entire healthcare offering is optimized: the consolidation of knowledge and medical expertise for a centralized and more comprehensive offering, simplification of access to care for patients, improvement of support and care. Thus, research actors, doctors, and Medtech coexist on shared, more comfortable, and better-equipped platforms, serving an optimized healthcare journey.

"DocCity, an innovative player in the medical field, aims to shake off conventions and reinvent medical practices with a strong promise: to facilitate health."

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Making room for hybridization.

It is for the Suresnes campus, on the outskirts of Paris, that DocCity and Le GIM (Group of Medical Institutes), its beneficiary, jointly approached us for the layout and decoration of dedicated spaces for their cardiac and skin units.

A highly ambitious project, not only due to the scale and complexity of the challenge but also because it represents new foundations for the medicine of tomorrow. With some prior experiences for other healthcare stakeholders, we were delighted to bring our sector expertise to this project.

This multifaceted challenge required a lot of flexibility from the Factory teams. The keyword for this project was hybridization, in a constant search for balance in the service of two polarities.

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Managing two different interlocutors and budget envelopes required a lot of flexibility throughout the project.

Serving two complementary visions, one focused on the aesthetics and identity coherence of DocCity's new model, and the other focused on the ergonomics and practices of the user, while being subjected to numerous health constraints. The expected result: modular, welcoming spaces that simultaneously meet the standards and obligations of health authorities and regulatory institutions. On one hand, DocCity commissioned us for the layout of common areas, with a key request regarding the clear understanding of the care path and the fluidity of movement.

The experience and satisfaction of the patient were central to all our considerations. On the other hand, Le GIM (Group of Medical Institutes) was our contact for the medical units (skin and cardio) and practice spaces (nursing stations, consultation rooms, sampling rooms, etc.). As a valuable source of field insights, we closely collaborated with Le GIM.

"The keyword for this project was hybridization, in a constant search for balance in the service of two polarities; one focused on aesthetics and identity coherence; the other focused on practice and real-world reality," says Margot Coueraud, project lead architect.

Reinventing medical codes to give it a new lease of life.

Housed in a 7000 m2 glass colossus, the health campus is a hybrid place, halfway between a haven of peace and a bustling medical hub.

With DocCity, common areas were envisioned in perfect alignment with their motto "Facilitate Health." Improving the daily lives of practitioners involves a dual reflection, considering not only the comfort of the work environment but also services that simplify their practice. At Factory, we believe that intelligently designed spaces have an impact on productivity and results.

So, we conceived a unique space, offering at its core an independent, autonomous ecosystem: dining spaces, exchange and withdrawal areas, allowing practitioners to network or take a break away from the hustle and bustle of Suresnes. Two terraces offer a breathtaking view of Suresnes and Paris, allowing healthcare professionals to admire the iconic Eiffel Tower between consultations.

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Numerous connections between waiting areas and medical units, as well as extensive signage work, contributed to streamlining circulation and simplifying orientation in the premises. In a bid to charm and satisfy patients, aesthetics were the centerpiece of Factory's proposal. The challenge was to give a new face to the medical sector, usually associated with sterile codes. Thus, making the healthcare experience less anxiety-inducing and more enjoyable.

Out with the white walls, false ceilings, and bleak lighting, the campus reception and some areas now adopt codes borrowed from the hotel industry. Specifically for the dermatology unit and its offer of aesthetic medicine for a wealthier clientele, we imagined upscale spaces with a stronger emphasis on design. Wood paneling, carefully chosen materials, and warmer-toned lighting now warm up spaces that are usually less welcoming.

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"The challenge was to give a new face to the medical sector, usually associated with sterile codes. Thus, making the healthcare experience less anxiety-inducing and more enjoyable."

For Le GIM (Group of Medical Institutes), our dedicated interlocutor for technical areas, we emphasized the practical aspect of the spaces. The goal was to stay connected to the practice and needs of the medical staff to provide a relevant response, addressing usage pain points. Our response was built with broad considerations for spaces, meeting a specific brief from the Regional Health Agency (ARS) subjecting us to many constraints and standards for layout and decoration.

Technical and medical premises were designed in large spaces; for example, to accommodate large-caliber medical equipment (laser, radiology, etc.) and manage emergency interventions without hindering any maneuvers or care protocols (stretchers, wheelchairs, evacuation, etc.). Sanitary considerations and aseptic standards were a major constraint, forcing us to juggle between prohibitions (dust-generating suspensions) and improving the aesthetics of the spaces.

"It was crucial to stay connected to the practice and needs of the medical staff to provide a truly relevant response, addressing usage pain points," says Guillaume Renaud, project manager at Factory.

After 15 weeks of construction, Factory and DocCity have built new walls laden with meaning, which may be the cradle of great medical revolutions in the future. We worked closely with many stakeholders who played a decisive role in all our layout, material, and decoration choices, as well as in considering the project timelines.

This experience also contributed to refining our expertise in specialized healthcare design projects, requiring an excellent mastery of sector conventions and rules. More than just a project, it is a collaboration that laid the foundations for a trusting relationship built over the course of the project with DocCity and Le GIM.

Results :

  • Many appointments and significant foot traffic after a few weeks of opening
  • A goal of more than 10 medical units in the campus: general and specialized
  • 5 future DocCity campuses in France in the project for the next 2 years

Client quote

We were looking for a partner capable of understanding our business challenges and our innovative model in healthcare. Jules Dubois' team perfectly understood and supported us for this major strategic project that was the Suresnes campus.

Xavier Boutin
CEO of DocCity

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Engaged Expertises

  • Experience Design.
  • Furniture and Decoration.
  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Refurbishment.

  • Picto Espaces de travail personnalisés

    Customized workspaces

    The creation of personalized and adaptive workspaces that automatically adjust to individual employee preferences and needs, including lighting, temperature, furniture arrangement, etc.

  • Picto Durabilité RSE

    Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

    The company's initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, promote recycling, use sustainable materials, and adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

  • Picto UX

    User experience (UX)

    The focus on the overall user experience in the workspace, creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and ergonomic environments, offering additional services and amenities, and fostering a positive corporate culture.

  • Picto Bien-être et santé des employés

    Employee well-being and health

    Initiatives focused on the physical and mental well-being of employees, such as relaxation areas, fitness facilities, health and wellness programs, flexible work schedules, and leave policies.

  • Picto Ergonomie et bien-étre améliorés.

    Enhanced ergonomics and well-being

    The use of advanced technologies to create ergonomic and adaptable workspaces, including height-adjustable desks, smart seating, lighting and noise management systems, etc.

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