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Finaxy - Vue partielle

Creator of insurance solutions.

Finaxy - Vue partielle
Finaxy - Vue partielle

Finaxy is one of the leading French insurance brokerage companies. Founded in 2009 by Éric Berville, the group is a multidisciplinary player, expert in specific markets for companies, professionals, and individuals.

Its approximately 10,000 corporate clients are chains of stores, transport and construction companies; the group covers 150,000 individual clients for their pets, vintage and prestige cars, hunting, works of art, as well as luxury products.

Design the new headquarters of finaxy.

Historically located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, in a 5-story, 1,500 m2 building that was not very functional (wasted space, restricted circulation, etc.), the company was forced to move when its lease expired. But how to combine a prestigious address and flexibility to accommodate integrated teams during external growth?

Finaxy finally chose a fully refurbished building in Levallois-Perret; an opportunity to mark a new phase in its history, emphasizing its dynamic development and transformation. The new offices would finally allow the company to assert its culture, highlight a strong identity, and constitute the flagship of this group established in 25 countries.

Finaxy - Open space
Finaxy - Salle de réunion

Support a growth strategy.

At the signing of the lease, one of the floors was already rented out, and Finaxy had positioned itself on five of the seven floors of the building. However, the capacity studies we carried out showed that the surface area would be undersized compared to the ambitions and needs of our client. Indeed, the company’s work methods and organization require individual and closed offices, as well as vacant positions to respond to its growth strategy, operated through the acquisition of companies with complementary expertise.

We therefore advised Finaxy to rent an additional floor. This decision made it possible to engage in a broader reflection on the services to be included in the project and to think about the layout of spaces on a realistic and fair scale for the company, as close as possible to its expectations.

At the same time, we conducted interviews with employees, as well as an online survey. The objective was twofold: first, to collect the needs of employees to be precise and relevant in our advice, and second, and above all, to involve and engage teams in this major transformation project.

Placed under the sign of change management, this project required quality listening and attention, in order to increase the chances of success for this important transition in the company’s history.

Finaxy - Vue partielle
Finaxy - Vue extérieure

Welcome aboard!

Like Finaxy, we had to act quickly and effectively. From keys obtained in early September 2022, the project was delivered six months later. Designed around the maritime universe, the layout of spaces combines closed workstations and open spaces, at the crossroads of modern uses and more traditional organization. With 119 employees today, the company has the capacity to accommodate up to 150 or more, as the spaces are flexible and allow for flexible office setups. Collective and convivial areas (meeting rooms, work bubbles, tea rooms, sports hall, and changing rooms, catering) provide a comfortable service dimension.

Everything was designed to anchor the brand image in the space: the choice of materials (dark wood, brushed metal) and the colors chosen around blue and white reflect the concept of crew in a modern and reassuring atmosphere. Thanks to an intelligent partitioning layout, brightness is preserved in this through-building. As the work progressed, we were able to establish a strong relationship of trust with our client by demonstrating our ability to accompany them within their deadlines and budget. It was a real challenge, as we had to manage this construction site in extremely short time frames, while integrating longer supply delays due to various crises.

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Engaged Expertises

  • Architectural Concept.
  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Refurbishment.

  • Picto Bien-être et santé des employés

    Employee well-being and health

    Initiatives focused on the physical and mental well-being of employees, such as relaxation areas, fitness facilities, health and wellness programs, flexible work schedules, and leave policies.

  • Picto Bureaux Zones de loisirs et divertissement

    Offices in leisure and entertainment zones

    Leisure and entertainment areas, such as sports complexes, cultural centers, or theme parks, could incorporate offices to enable employees to enjoy these dynamic environments while working. These spaces could encourage creativity and social interaction.

  • Picto Espaces hybrides

    Hybrid spaces

    The creation of versatile work environments that provide a combination of collaborative spaces, concentration zones, meeting rooms, and relaxation areas, allowing employees to adapt to various types of tasks and needs.

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