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A natural dry-cleaner's.

Frais - Enseigne
Lancement de l'enseigne Frais

For the Pracca brothers, dry cleaning is a family business!

Already at the head of a dozen stores in Paris with the Colporteur franchise, they define themselves as linen craftsmen. As real technicians, their success is due to a mastered know-how and a passionate approach of the job.

Their laundry workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment with particular attention paid to the products used: compositions that respect the environment and their customers. This expert posture is accompanied by an advantageous price positioning which makes them accessible.

Frais - Vue extérieure
Frais - Flacons

If the Colporteur brand is a success, it is mainly aimed at men with a rather premium brand identity.

It is thus with a first objective to extend its target and to address families that a new brand of dry cleaner was to be created in Paris. In this approach, it was necessary to assert itself as a neighborhood merchant by promoting exchange and proximity. At the same time, the desire was to promote an eco-responsible approach within a particularly polluting and water-hungry industry. Consuming harmful substances such as perchloroethylene used for dry cleaning, it is now seeing new players impose themselves with this desire to do better.

In its independent, high-tech laundry workshop, our client uses its technical expertise and know-how to address these issues: techniques that avoid dry cleaning and the development of environmentally friendly products that are not harmful to the skin. Instead of leaving these issues to the workshop, it was time to assert this posture as part of the brand identity and not as a simple element of reassurance.

The objective was to create a brand and location storytelling that could evoke three universes: naturalness, local business while keeping the technicality.

Beyond these branding issues specific to the brand, the graphic charter and the architectural concept had to meet the constraints imposed by the city council in the context of a change of store.

Living places inspiring and sustainable.

Frais - Cintres
Frais - Vue partielle

In the collective imagination, laundry and washing clothes transport us to the South of France with its white cloths drying in the wind, its old-fashioned laundries, its fresh rivers, its smell of lavender or Marseille soap…

A very coded universe that has been reused for the FRAIS brand environment. The name itself evokes this universe by placing FRAIS in a strong emotional and sensory territory: olfactory with the idea of clean linen or even the idea of touch with the idea of freshness. The typography used for the logo was chosen for its linear geometric characteristics with subtly rounded corners. A balance reinforced by an airy lettering that highlights the word «Fresh» inspiring freshness and modernity.

Inspired by a sprig of lavender and an olive leaf, the typographic logotype is accompanied by a signature monogram that illustrates the spirit of the brand by echoing the principles of its concept: freshness, the connotation of water in motion, the scents of Provence. A graphic element also used as a brand sign in the store.

Frais - Produits

This identity was extended to the design of the space, integrating the brand’s graphic codes into the architecture: generally speaking, the materials used are simple and natural.

On the storefront, white and matte bricks, placed in staggered rows, contrast with the green metal frame. Two sharp colors that evoke on one side the white of the linen, on the other the nature. Inside, we find the white brick type subway tiles, also laid in staggered rows to create a continuity with the outside. It covers the central element of the room: the counter. Another terracotta brick, pale pink, is present on the floor evoking the terraces of the South. Laid with the screeding technique, it presents disparities specific to this material, while remaining practical. These different elements of design place the visitor in a universe that breathes freshness.

The natural laundry products developed by the brand are then integrated into the décor in a sober manner, completing the shopping experience. Formulated from simple and natural ingredients, organically grown, these detergents and cleaners are healthy for the skin, respectful of the environment and the textile. Placed on wooden shelves, the product packaging is refined, forming a symbiosis with the material. Kraft paper, cardboard or white plastic white plastic: each element leaves a large space to the material. On the label, the logo occupies a large space and the other textual elements are airy, creating the feeling of breath that is characteristic of the FRAIS brand identity.

To put forward the technicality.

Frais - Vue partielle
Frais - Packaging

The FRAIS laundry workshop uses state-of-the-art techniques, with very modern machinery and production equipment.

This industrial atmosphere is usually found in dry cleaners, but with an image to dust off. The sliding racks are overflowing with clothes, the machines in the back are often visually overwhelming and overwhelming: one feels oppressed by this noisy visual world. At FRAIS, clothes are not washed on site, yet it seemed beneficial to evoke this technical aspect – synonymous with expertise – in the store. Instead of bringing in the technicality through the accumulation of machinery, only a simple and slim steel tubular was chosen.

Self-supporting, this stainless steel closet system is reminiscent of factory pipes and allows clothes to be hung. The clean linen is always placed in a FRESH cover, again to avoid creating a visual overload. An essential element of the dry cleaner, the closet has been purified and simplified to avoid blurring the markers of naturalness.

Position as a neighborhood merchant.

Once the naturalness and expertise were installed, it was important not to forget the essence of the laundry business: a neighborhood business. The imposing counter was placed in the center of the room, creating an easily identifiable exchange space between the FRAIS merchant and the customer. A stainless steel plate is placed in a reservation, creating a smooth space reserved for the launderer for more comfort and convenience.

The other spaces are positioned around this central element: on the left the retail part, soberly brought in, and on the right the part dedicated to clean linen. For aesthetic and cleanliness reasons, the dirty linen is placed in bins hidden in the counter, then brought to the back of the store. This room is delimited by a sliding door in mesh, which suggests this part reserved for the personnel, while visually preserving the visitor.

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