A jewelery brand

Paris // 2 300m²

sector Luxury

Marque de joaillerie - Vue partielle

A made-to-measure place.

Marque de joaillerie - Vue partielle

We built the offices of one of the world leaders in luxury industry. Formerly located in the Hauts-de-Seine, a brand of a large luxury group preferred the Parisian center and a surface able to accommodate the hundred of employees with anticipation of growth. Factory was mandated to propose a custom-made layout adapted to the codes of luxury and to the spirit of the brand.

The place borrows a lot of codes from the hotel and restaurant business, favoring comfort and animation of the living spaces. A beautiful project that highlights the technical and artisanal know-how of our teams and partners.

An emblematic jewelry brand in the luxury industry, our client wanted to move to a location that would allow it to nurture its ambition to transform and develop. Located in the heart of Paris, its new 2,300 m2 headquarters will bring together its 120 employees in a space that is tailored to its image and meets its new challenges. As the sole contact for all stages of this project, Factory deployed a key-in-hand mission: programming, design, works and choice of furniture.

Marque de joaillerie - Espace détente et restauration

A place of identity.

For this head office, the directors and employees wanted to work in spaces where the codes of their brand and their boutiques could be found without interruption: those of a sunny and elegant house, welcoming and warm, luxurious without ostentation.

For all the design choices, Factory chose subtle, powdery colors and materials, pinks and blues evoking a sunset over the sea, and curves in the image of the brand’s iconic products.

A new dynamic.

Les équipes, qui quittaient des espaces morcelés et peu fonctionnels, devaient trouver dans leur nouveau siège un outil de travail répondant à leurs enjeux de performance : des bureaux qui permettent une multiplicité d’usages et qui favorisent de manière dynamique la proximité et les échanges entre les services. De grands volumes haussmanniens jouxtaient des plateaux de travail rythmés par des puits de lumière et des cours intérieures. Factory s’est donc attaché à optimiser la répartition des surfaces pour répondre aux usages de son client.

Marque de joaillerie - Espace restauration
Marque de joaillerie - Vue partielle
Marque de joaillerie - Vue partielle

Prestige and functionality.

Each space has its own particularities. For the Haussmannian spaces, high ceilings, moldings, parquet floors. These spaces have a strong identity and are designed to welcome visitors, journalists and prestigious clients. There is also a showroom, a library/silent-room, a place of inspiration and creation.

In the work floors, open offices, meeting bubbles and the after-sales service. And connecting these spaces, an elegant cafeteria in the colors of the house, designed to be a place of conviviality, sharing, and informal meetings.

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sector Luxury

area2 300m²



Engaged Expertises

  • Architectural Concept.
  • Experience Design.
  • Concept & Storytelling.

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