La Boîte Immo

Hyères // 2 000m²

sectorReal estate

La Boîte Immo - Vue partielle

Aestheticism and functionality.

La Boîte Immo - Vue extérieure
La Boîte Immo - Vue partielle

The client.

La Pinède, the new head office of La Boite Immo, has welcomed the 150 employees of this French success story since last June. Spread over three floors, this building with contemporary architecture breaks the codes of traditional offices and shakes up local architecture.

A real place to live, La Boite Immo, a professional web services for real estate agencies, has erected its offices far from the urban frenzy, in Hyères, by creating a haven of peace in the heart of the Provencal pine forest.

A regional soul and spirit.

La Boite Immo called on Factory to support them in the layout of its new offices in the heart of the Saint-Martin business area, in Hyères. The company, which operates in the environment of professional software dedicated to the real estate market, benefits from a maturity which has led it to establish its permanent establishment in the PACA region and to invest in a place living up to its image.

Designed as a contemporary villa in a constant evolution, this new head office is in perfect harmony with the spirit of the company and its preferred market. Designed to accommodate 150 employees and absorb growth, the place offers a variety of workspaces on three levels, bright and uncluttered. Very attached to his region, Olivier Bugette, president of La Boite Immo, wanted offices with a regional soul and spirit. Like the South.

La Boîte Immo - Espace de travail
La Boîte Immo - Espace de travail

An architectural concept.

In total harmony with the environment, this building with contemporary architecture calls for tranquility with nature as its only surroundings. A true concept in its own right, the Pinède is a reflection of nature and blends in perfectly with its environment by meeting HQE environmental standards and requirements. We see the promise of an immersion in the Mediterranean charm.

The combination of concrete and wood gives warmth to this building and underlines its natural and uncluttered side. All the elements are in place to improve employee productivity. Well-being is at the heart of the concerns and the commitment of the company. A Gym and restaurant open up to lush vegetation, the meeting room and the spaces have been designed to make the most of natural light. The many openings and bay windows overlook nature. The South is omnipresent.

A diamond in the rough.

The use of concrete and wood distinguish the work done on this project. The result of a spatial and functional reflection, the wooden cladding dresses the interior and exterior spaces of this building and gives an impression of the outside being inside. The entrance hall is a real skylight. Magnificent chandeliers hang from it and light up the three floors. The clarity in the design of the floor plan and the taste when it comes to the materials used are inherently found in this space and in particular through the presence of the concrete staircase.

The concrete, which can be found on the walls, floors and ceilings, is, alongside wood, the main material of this project.

La Boîte Immo - Vue partielle
La Boîte Immo - Vue extérieure
La Boîte Immo - Vue extérieure

Pure tone.

Is it a story of duality or a clever balance between an aesthetic and functionalist scope? Each object is highlighted here in an ethnic chic atmosphere. The furniture calls for escape, travel and aesthetics.

Small touches of color are present throughout the furniture, but wood predominates like an ode to nature. La Pinède, a mirror to the exterior, is made up mainly with materials and natural colors, as well as clean lines.

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Engaged Expertises

  • Architectural Concept.
  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Furniture and Decoration.

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