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Madbox - Espace de travail

Passion and creativity.

Madbox - Espace de travail
Madbox - Vue partielle
Madbox - Espace restauration

The client.

Company specialised in the creation of phone gaming, Madbox experiences in 2019 a substantial growth and considerable visibility on the international scene. Following the success of Stickman Hook with over 20 million downloads, the company reached out the Factory to settle in bigger premises that would do justice to their ambitions.

This inclusive project encompasses all of our different levels of job expertises: real estate search, design and creation, realization & building, furnishing and lastly branding. The Madboxers have left rue Jean Jacques Rousseau in July 2020 to move in their new offices at 19 rue Poissonnière in the 2nd district of Paris.

The client's needs.

Following the fundraising of 15 million euros to boost its development, the French start-up decided to acquire new headquarters. It was on the lookout for a large space in the heart of Paris with the ability to welcome its 65 Madboxers. Factory was given the important task to look for a location that mirrors its image, reflecting the creative universe of Madbox and putting forward a concept bringing to life its community and lifestyle.

Madbox - Espace de travail
Madbox - Espace de travail

A space dedicated to Madboxers.

Madbox is above all a close-knit team, bringing passion and creativity to a solid business-intelligence data culture, thus offering a unique experience. It went without saying that the environment had to echo this family spirit. Placing the well-being of the Madboxers at the forefront, Factory had the idea to recreate a forest in the heart of their working space. Nature is omnipresent: vegetation is present on the ceilings, plant grids were put up, a wooden facade was erected in the circulation space, a tree was recreated in the open-space under a cathedral ceiling.

The architecture is breaking new grounds by drawing its inspiration from nature. The colours green and wooden brown prevail. The entrance of the office has been thought of as a chalet where users take their shoes off before entering. The ambition of this project was to create the perfect cocoon that sticks to the values and identity of the teams, and has the ability to, through the architecture, bring to life this energy true to their universe.

A tailored space.

Factory created for this project tailored content and support starting with a theatrical scenography as soon as users walk into the premises. A historical mural of all the mobile devices and consoles overlooks the entrance of Madbox. From the first game console to the iconic Game Boy, we invite users to dive into the heart of the history of these devices that made us play or dream when we were young. In the zen space, we can find a periodic table of all the video games’ technical jargon co-created by the artistic directors of Madbox.

The user journey goes onto an area dedicated to the success of these games.
This piece of art is made of 198 frames tracking these successful games designed by the company’s partners. Empty cases have been voluntarily erected to invite contributors to imagine a future game that will meet the same success. All these elements are brought together to stimulate the Madboxer’s productivity.

Madbox - Vue extérieure
Madbox - Vue partielle
Madbox - Vue partielle

A game of light.

Window stickers were put up to allow a game of light to naturally unfold. Visible from their terrace, it calls for curiosity and mystery. The meeting rooms benefit from the natural light and give access to a panoramic view of the capital. From dawn to dusk, Madboxers are in the front row. The location of their new offices benefit from a bright light and a breathtaking view of Paris.

The location scouting wasn’t easy in a real estate market extremely tense at that time, but we can say there was a strong will from the company to find the perfect spot that met all the criteria. This exhaustive project is a substantial success: from the entrance of the premises to the kitchen area, no detail is left to chance. Factory has utilised its biggest resources to build these offices true to the image of Madbox’s world: Madgic!

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Engaged Expertises

  • Architectural Concept.
  • Experience Design.
  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Furniture and Decoration.
  • Strategy and Property Search.

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