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Madura - Vue extérieure

A new architectural identity.

Madura - Intérieur de la boutique
Madura - Intérieur de la boutique

Madura is a French company specialized in furniture and decoration.

They distinguish themselves by the quality of their products and the materials they use, in a logic of made-to-measure. For 45 years and with 34 stores in Europe and around the world, they promote the idea that interior design should be accessible to all, allowing everyone to create their own idea of beauty.

The year 2021 has been for them synonymous with renewal since they have updated their charter, through a new graphic identity. This rebranding necessarily gave birth to the desire to update their stores and their stores!

Madura - Intérieur de la boutique

The change of graphic charter led to a desire to renovate in order to create a complete coherence between the evolution of the brand and its physical existence: its stores.

Madura contacted Factory for the renovation of one of its boutiques located in the heart of Paris, between the Rue de Rivoli and the Rue du Louvre. 450m2 of surface whose decoration, but also the technical characteristics, were aging.

We accompanied Madura in the organization and realization of the works as general contractor, guiding them through all the steps to guarantee a result that would meet their ambitions.

The areas to be rehabilitated were as follows:

  • First floor: customer reception, sales area
  • 1st floor: showroom area
  • Basement: meeting rooms, kitchen, storage space

The mission was multi-faceted: to ensure the proper execution of the work in compliance with the specifications, but also to guide and advise the client in the various choices. For this, coordination, organization, listening and rigor were the watchwords.

The project also included a whole technical dimension by guaranteeing an optimal reception for the handicapped people thanks to the restoration to the standards ERP (Establishments Receiving of the Public) and PMR (People with Reduced Mobility), as well as the restoration to the standards of electricity (CFO and CF1) and air conditioning. A wide range of expertise was deployed to meet all the challenges with the same high standards.

Bringing Madura's ambitions to life.

Madura - Boutique

The whole building was cleaned up in order to start from a sound base to carry out all the works envisaged by the specifications and the architectural project.

An initial design work was carried out to start on a clear basis for all parties and to be able to anticipate future problems. Madura is a brand that has distinguished itself particularly in the field of household linen and curtains, by its quality materials.

It was therefore essential to ensure that these elements were highlighted in the retail space by being meticulous in the choice of materials and in the coordination of suppliers.

Madura - Intérieur de la boutique
Madura - Intérieur de la boutique

Guiding the choices.

The materials were a major challenge for this project: they were both the central element that allowed the new identity to be expressed in the place and at the same time allowed the quality of Madura products to be enhanced. It was therefore necessary to be a force of proposal and advice on their choice. The client had planned a handmade spatula resin for the floor to create a cocooning and relaxing atmosphere reminiscent of the earthy side of island homes. A differentiating and unusual element! We applied three samples on site, working with a color chart to find the exact shade desired.

The project also included many skylights that opened the space and ensured great luminosity throughout. They were used for the meeting rooms but also for a space reproducing a bedroom, which serves as a showroom. A specialized supplier was found, who built a custom-made glass wall with squares of the same glass size for the whole room area.

Leading the work by blending different skills.

The project involved many parties: the client, external contributors, and Factory. This multiplicity of interlocutors required a great deal of organization and coordination to meet the tight deadline (3 months).

The lighting was one of the major challenges of this project for always enhance the value of the materials and products, and it was necessary to coordinate the work of the lighting designer and the electrician by making sure that everyone had the right information and the right technical constraints at their disposal. At the end of the project, a person dedicated to perfect delivery was brought in from Factory to ensure the finalization of the entire project and to take over the final finishing touches.

Madura was a big technical job, which mobilized many people. Our coordination and monitoring mission, as well as our advice, enabled us to complete this project in time for a perfect delivery. The result: a new Madura store that fully reflects the evolution of the brand, by enhancing the quality of their products! From the showroom to the bedrooms, to the product displays: everything was done to offer a quality user experience.

Madura - Intérieur de la boutique

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