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Malt, freedom on the horizon.

In a post-pandemic world deeply impacted by successive lockdowns, professional norms are being reinvented.

The linear career path and the sacrosanct permanent contract are no longer an end in themselves, and more flexible, hybrid modes of work have become the new El Dorado. A major player in these new paradigms, Malt is the essential platform for connecting freelancers and employers.

Founded in 2013 by Vincent Huguet, CEO, Hugo Lassiège, CTO, and now led by Alexandre Fretti, the company has experienced hypergrowth in recent years, allowing it to become the largest community of freelancers in Europe in just 10 years.

Its mission: enabling freelancers to find clients and businesses to find the skills they need.

Today, Malt boasts over 500,000 freelancers, €200 million raised in funding, and more than 70,000 companies gathered around a new collaborative vision. Its unique and avant-garde model has already enabled it to conquer France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and soon Germany.

Malt is the perfect illustration of this professional revolution, proving that new ways of collaborating are possible: more agile, more innovative, more flexible.

A new headquarters, the cradle of the 'malting-pot'.

After 10 years of existence and rapid growth, the old premises became too small and were no longer aligned with their ambitions.

As silent ambassadors of the brand and a true testament to credibility, the new offices were also intended to address a real image challenge. That of a more mature, more embodied brand, less attached to the 'start-up' image. Although predominant in Malt's history and origins, breaking away from this 'challenger' label was also embracing a change in direction and the associated growth ambitions.

It was about investing in a space capable of fully conveying its vision and values, to offer a premium experience to its Malters and clients. More than just an ambitious company, Malt is above all a community of professionals from all backgrounds and areas of expertise, united by the same convictions and a shared vision of work.

"This dreamed-of place is a home for the Malters; flexible, service-oriented, and embodied, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of profiles."

The company wanted to provide a gathering place and a focal point for its freelancers and members of its European branches. This change of direction takes place in Madeleine, in the 9th arrondissement, in a completely renovated building with a dizzying area of nearly 5,000 square meters. Our mission: infuse the new premises with Malt's DNA, without altering the architectural identity of the place.

"By leveraging the plurality and complementarity of our expertise, our teams have succeeded in convincing through unwavering perseverance and high ambitions aligned with those of Malt. This dreamed-of place is a home for the 'Malters', flexible, service-oriented, and embodied, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of profiles: the 'Malt House'."

Bringing the Malt mindset to life in the new offices.

The primary challenge was to design a headquarters that reflected the values and identity of Malt.

The first step of the project involved a full immersion into its daily life and reality, through the eyes of the internal stakeholders. For this, we collaborated with Malt ambassadors, who allowed us to precisely gather the needs and outline typical profiles of collaborators. This initial phase of collective and individual interviews notably highlighted the brand's identity pillars. 'Joy and Seriousness'—this is fundamentally what the Malt community represents: a melting pot of diverse, unique, joyful profiles who 'work seriously, without taking themselves too seriously.' Building on this premise, our Design and Build teams laid the groundwork for the story we would tell within these walls, providing them with a space that truly reflected their identity.

This story is about a company connected to the 'Future at Work' and deeply committed to the well-being of those who make up its community. Our primary goal was to design a unique identity and allow employees to make it their own. We needed to truly 'inhabit the space' by making the offices an identifiable, inspiring headquarters where people feel comfortable. To embody the 'Maison Malt,' leveraging its visual identity was crucial, so that every space exudes a 'Malt Touch.' The 'Joy' is reflected in the widespread use of the brand's vibrant and warm color palette, which we implemented by creating themed floors based on color.

The logo was also a basis for our work, reinterpreted throughout the design process.

We drew inspiration from its symbol to design the reception area; a majestic centerpiece custom-made from sculpted wood. We also drew from its rounded shapes in selecting elements of furniture, signage, and decoration. To further personalize the space, the 'Malt Principles' were brought to life through our team of experiential design experts in themed meeting rooms. Each room had its own theme and universe, entirely inhabited by concepts that illustrate each major tenet of the community. One of Malt's major ambitions was also to place the well-being of its employees at the center and to offer, beyond the comfort of work, a genuine quality of life.

This included the implementation of smart and service-oriented spaces that are genuinely useful in daily life. Concierge services, a restaurant, showers, prayer or breastfeeding areas... are just a few examples of services available to employees. Breaking away from the expected codes of professional spaces allowed us to draw closer to the markers of layout and decoration found in one's home. The goal was to impart a more intimate ambiance to the spaces, encouraging employees to reinvest in their workspaces. Elements originally present in the structure, such as the walkways on each floor or the numerous shutters adorning the facade, served as a starting point for enhancing the desired 'home-like' atmosphere.

"This story is about a company connected to the 'Future at Work' and deeply committed to the flourishing of those who make up its community."

We capitalized on these codes, enriching them with furniture and decorative elements that evoke a more authentic feel, reminiscent of a private home.

Generous cushions, fluffy rugs, large sofas, down to vases and decorative albums. The second direction of the project was to design spaces for serendipity and cohesion, capable of strengthening the sense of belonging among Malters. To bring the community together, it was essential to focus on common areas and maximize free movement within the premises.

Fully aligned with the company's mission, the design of a co-working space quickly emerged as a necessity. Located on the ground floor, this space for social connection and collaboration, open to all, has been fully furnished and equipped. It is freely available to freelancers registered on the platform, through a reservation system. To enhance meeting places, several tea rooms and relaxation areas are spread across the 7 floors, while the outdoor courtyard offers a more informal and friendly exchange space.

The internal restaurant, named 'Malting-Pot,' remains the nerve center of Malt.

Conceived as a living space, a meeting place, it embodies the very essence of the company and the joyful mix it represents. The quality of the cuisine, its responsible commitments, and the always warm welcome echo its fundamental values. Modularity was also the key principle of the proposed layouts, through consistently intelligent, flexible, and adaptable spaces. The dining room is the best example, as it transforms on occasion to become an event and reception venue.

Truly focused on hybridizing modes of work, Malt aimed to make every space usable for work. To promote mixing and team mobility, the emphasis was placed on flex office by opening up spaces as much as possible, making them non-assigned and accessible to all. For example, anticipating the battery issues inherent in mobility, charging cables were integrated into all desks. The ambition: to take a step further in the services offered to employees and truly enhance comfort at work.

"Modularity was the guiding principle of the proposed layouts, with spaces consistently designed to be intelligent, flexible, and adaptable."

Client testimony.

A huge thank you to Factory. You have been incredible from start to finish. You always listened to feedback, even the most challenging. You always took into account what we wanted to achieve without ever compromising your convictions. In any case, the result is truly beautiful. So really, once again, a big congratulations to all of you.

Alexandre Fretti

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Engaged Expertises

  • Experience Design.
  • Architectural Concept.
  • Refurbishment.
  • Furniture and Decoration.

  • Picto Bien-être et santé des employés

    Employee well-being and health

    Initiatives focused on the physical and mental well-being of employees, such as relaxation areas, fitness facilities, health and wellness programs, flexible work schedules, and leave policies.

  • Picto Durabilité RSE

    Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

    The company's initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, promote recycling, use sustainable materials, and adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

  • Picto Equilibre de vie professionnelle et privée

    Work-life balance

    Policies and initiatives that support work-life balance, such as the right to disconnect, family support programs, social benefits, and leave flexibility.

  • Picto Ergonomie et bien-étre améliorés.

    Enhanced ergonomics and well-being

    The use of advanced technologies to create ergonomic and adaptable workspaces, including height-adjustable desks, smart seating, lighting and noise management systems, etc.

  • Picto Espaces hybrides

    Hybrid spaces

    The creation of versatile work environments that provide a combination of collaborative spaces, concentration zones, meeting rooms, and relaxation areas, allowing employees to adapt to various types of tasks and needs.

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