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Metafore - Salon

Elegant and eco-responsible.

Metafore - Lounge
Metafore - Vue partielle

Maxime Besson-Vivenzi and Romain Magri are at the origin of the launch and development of WEWORK throughout Europe.

In light of this beautiful experience, they have recently created Metafore, a 5 star concept that allows companies to meet in a different way, in inspiring and sustainable living spaces. Ideal for seminars, meetings and events (cocktail parties, showrooms, filming, etc), these new spaces offer a unique experience that finds itself nestled between the workspace and luxury hotel concept.

Metafore has entrusted Factory to scout this first location, the performance of construction works, the lay out, and the management of the furniture in this space in the heart of the 8th district.

Metafore - Espace réception
Metafore - Espace de travail

One of the main objectives of this global mission was to find a central location that was entirely customisable and could in good time welcome all of Paris.

Factory was assigned for its real estate consulting expertise to first and foremost carry out the location scouting, which set the scene for us to act as a general contractor with the performance of construction works, the layout and management of the furniture. The interior architecture project was achieved in collaboration with trendy Parisian studio RMGB.

The criteria: finding a central location full of character, with a maximum accessibility, neighbouring public transport, and a hosting capacity complying with the ERP rules. This project was entirely tailor-made in order to facilitate the deployment of the architectural concept and blooming branding attributes.

Factory was able to adapt itself to the demands of the client by skilfully finding an exclusive, rare and off-market real estate asset. Our consulting approach is all about understanding and facilitating needs and constraints imposed by our client. The short calendar to launch the brand therefore bares the necessity to devote an undivided attention to the project, allowing the accelerations of the negotiation deadlines and a swift launch of construction works throughout only 3 months. All in all, the Metafore project has emerged within 9 months from the location scouting to the arrival of the first client.

Inspiring and sustainable living spaces.

These 700m² are both a living and working space. Spread out on two floors, this surface hosts 6 modular meeting rooms and several common spaces that will welcome 2 to 100 clients and partners. The idea was to create a hybrid location, both inspiring and sustainable, where clients will be able to tune out and escape reality while attending a seminar, a training or a work meeting. Metafore is above all a user experience that stimulates each and every one of our senses with taste and subtlety. It has an element of Luxury ‘à la française’ that is new generation and “without surprise”. Everything was carefully considered so that the spaces meet eco-responsible criteria. The wood has been treated naturally, the carpet stems from sustainable design and the location benefits from a green energy.

Concerned about the environment, the founders of Metafore wish that their choices reflect their considerations and commitments. It is zero plastic entity, where the slightest waste is weighed on a daily basis to better understand the impact on our environment. It is a place where every single detail was attentively thought of in order to prioritise the greater good for everyone.

A major technical and architectural stake.

Metafore - Salle de réunion
Metafore - Espace réception

Executing a project of such a scale in only 3 months is the type of challenge that Factory particularly likes to take on.

Our global expertise when it comes to creating spaces has allowed us to effortlessly master the design brief and planning of the project delivery. This project comes with several major stakes and challenges. The first is directly linked to the positioning of the location. Metafore is not an ordinary project, it offers a high-end service delivery that involves attention to fine detail and an exceptional artisanal savoir-faire.

The other key challenge lies in the rehabilitation of an old Haussmannian apartment while integrating new functionalities and 3.0 technology. The equipment is indeed the centre piece of the project that gives the user an acoustic, visual, sound and taste experience. It’s because the concept is hybrid that a complete take down and total reorganisation of the spaces was needed. The kitchen, meeting rooms and hallways have been rethought in spite of the particular configuration of the building. The last challenge consisted of transcribing the artistic and design vision within a sustainable project that is adapted to the reality of the location and its technical constraints.

A tailor-made concept.

Metafore showcases two very different atmospheres, a will to create two universes and offer a plurality of spaces to its future clients. R+2 is a space dedicated to more formal meetings, with a clean and refined design that facilitates the reorganisation of living spaces. R+3 finds itself linked to a staircase especially created for the project, a very different concept that exudes Provence, with a view on the lavender fields and a scenography that invites the user to escape.

The wooden and rattan furniture completes the designer low tables as well as the coton and linen covered sofas, sheltered under Tropezian canisse. Factory is not only specialised in the creation of offices, but also we pride ourselves in the development of numerous restaurant and hospitality projects.

This savoir-faire has allowed us to meet the requirements when it comes to the location and creative concept.

We have therefore carried out tailor-made work on most of the furniture; all of the pieces are made in France and involve a selection of our favourite partners. You can even find more intimate pieces by CASSINA and rethought editions of the ‘maison SRELLE’ by Pierre Jeanneret. The greenery isn’t an independent project, it dresses up the relaxation and creativity spaces and contribute to the harmony of the space. It is an hommage to the Monceau plain, previously known as the garden of the King, that we can even spot in the olfactory identity of the meeting rooms.

Metafore - Espace détente et restauration
Metafore - Cuisine

A starred chef in the kitchen.

At Metafore, it’s all about the detail and the experience. The kitchen opens the door to discovery, sharing and friendliness. It is therefore natural that this room as well as the dining room should reflect the DNA of Metafore and their wish to transmit a signature fondness for good food. They called in starred chef Stéphane Laruelle, who worked alongside Guy Savoy for 12 years at the restaurant Le Chiberta.

He offers a menu made up with fresh products outsourced from sensible agriculture, local or 100% organic. It does justice to products of the land and our taste buds find it exquisite. The idea behind this kitchen is to make the experience even more delightful. We have pitched in to help bring to life a new way of working, the next big real-estate phenomenon where work and pleasure go hand in hand.

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  • Architectural Concept.
  • Furniture and Decoration.

  • Picto Bureaux Zones de loisirs et divertissement

    Offices in leisure and entertainment zones

    Leisure and entertainment areas, such as sports complexes, cultural centers, or theme parks, could incorporate offices to enable employees to enjoy these dynamic environments while working. These spaces could encourage creativity and social interaction.

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    Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

    The company's initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, promote recycling, use sustainable materials, and adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

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    Enhanced ergonomics and well-being

    The use of advanced technologies to create ergonomic and adaptable workspaces, including height-adjustable desks, smart seating, lighting and noise management systems, etc.

  • Picto Espaces de travail personnalisés

    Customized workspaces

    The creation of personalized and adaptive workspaces that automatically adjust to individual employee preferences and needs, including lighting, temperature, furniture arrangement, etc.

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    The Future at Work

  • Picto UX

    User experience (UX)

    The focus on the overall user experience in the workspace, creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, and ergonomic environments, offering additional services and amenities, and fostering a positive corporate culture.

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