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Michel et Augustin - Espace restauration

A place swirling of life!

Michel et Augustin - Vue partielle
Michel et Augustin - Vue partielle

The client.

Michel et Augustin has been concocting simple and authentic recipes for 15 years. An industrial UFO, the company has developed its own unique recipe during its 15 years of existence.

This recipe is embodied by the Trublions and La Bananeraie. The latter is both the company’s headquarters and a laboratory for taste exploration.

To meet their unique needs, Michel et Augustin called on Factory.

From the very first exchange, we were seduced by this project. It is a project just how we like them. A complete project centered around the end user. To meet Michel & Augustin’s needs, we mobilized all our expertise: location research, design and creation, layout, branding and execution. After 10 months of work, the Trublions discovered their new premises in March 2021.

Michel et Augustin - Vue partielle
Michel et Augustin - Espace restauration

A space for living and innovation dedicated to the Trublion.

Michel et Augustin is above all a team of passionate and innovative Trublion. Naturally, Factory has designed the 400m² of the first floor for them. This space has been designed to make the daily life as simple as possible. For this, the 100m² culinary laboratory has been placed in the center of the building. Each space surrounding the laboratory is complementary: a test room, meeting spaces, storage… Each rooms responds specifically to one of their needs. The furniture and layout are designed so that the Trublions can free themselves from spatial constraints.

Factory has also integrated strict hygiene rules into the building. This is materialized by specific surfaces that are easy to maintain and respect the rules set by the legislation. The spaces are designed to make key actions such as hand washing natural on a daily basis. Finally, 186m² are dedicated to exchange and relaxation around a space including a kitchen and several tables. A lush garden extends this relaxation area.

A welcoming and customizable place.

The Trublions are part of the company’s identity. In order for the space to be familiar for them, the room has a home-like decoration composed of books, jars, plants… This decoration is extended by the deployment of space inviting the employees to settle in informally. They can sit on bar stools, cushions are placed on the stairs, on the floor…

To reinforce this sense of belonging, Factory has decided to offer them the possibility to make the place their own. Several decorative elements are customizable and washable. They can thus appropriate the place and make it evolve at the same time as them. They have several spaces where they can give free rein to their imagination: the walls of the control room, the staircase risers, the giant organization chart with photographs, a famous hall…

The first floor is dedicated to the brand and to the creation, while the open space on the first floor is dedicated to the office. The relationship between the brand and its employees is present thanks to the giant organization chart that can be personalized by each new entrant. The hall of fame highlights the recipes created by the troublemakers within the company. This wall also serves as a scoreboard for the pastry CAP. The employee is thus present and represented in all the spaces of the building.

Michel et Augustin - Salle de réunion
Michel et Augustin - Vue extérieure

A modular space according to your needs.

Michel et Augustin is a company bursting of life. To respond to this bustle, Factory has taken particular care to ensure modularity. The spaces have been designed and fitted out to be easily transformable. For this, we have developed custom-made furniture. The benches and storage units are designed to allow the transformation of the relaxation area according to the uses.

By deploying the benches under the staircase, the relaxation area can be transformed into a pastry school. To simplify use to the maximum, these storage units hold the toques and aprons of the participants. To accompany all the uses, special care was taken with the lighting. All the lighting is mobile and extensible to accompany the employees in all their daily activities.

A reception and promotion area.

The banana plantation is an open and welcoming place to live, just like the brand. From the reception hall, the visitor can feel the presence of wood on the floor, walls and furniture. Touches of color and vegetation bring warmth and freshness to the whole. The visitor also has a global vision of the identity of the brand and the place. From the threshold, the visitor can discover the history of the company thanks to a wall logbook. This booklet traces all the dates and products that have marked the company since its creation.

Moreover, to mark the authenticity and transparency of the brand, the visitor can observe the laboratory from the entrance. He can thus look directly at the future of the company. This concern for authenticity with the public is found in the showroom adjacent to the entrance. This room resumes the codes of the delicatessen with the use of cloth bags, the use of kraft and the highlighting of the craft. The visitor will be received in the best conditions whatever the reason. The showroom has a lounge area for informal meetings and a meeting area with an electric table. These two spaces are separated by an openwork wooden partition. This porosity between the formal and informal space marks for the visitor the transparency that the brand has with him.

Factory went above and beyond to create offices that meet all of Michel et Augustin’s unique needs. Thank you to them for immersing us in a project that reflects their image: tumultuous!

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