Paris // Batignolles // 446m²


Moovone - Espace de travail

A natural and woody space.

Moovone - Vue partielle
Moovone - Espace de travail

The client.

By putting the digital sphere at the service of people, Moovone has been supporting the managers of large companies since 2015. Created by brothers Hugo and Axel Manoukian, the startup offers training by videoconference.

Following its strong growth, Moovone called on Factory to research and then fit out its new offices in the heart of Paris.

Moovone's DNA visible through place and space.

One of the goals of the project was to make Moovone’s DNA visible across the place and space. Factory was commissioned to search for locations and fit out its offices. The project was designed to use the brand’s codes but also to reflect the energy of these two founders: young and dynamic.

The criteria: a large open space in Paris, a central place to live, all ideally in the north-west of Paris. Factory was able to adapt to Moovone’s requests while respecting its desires and the allocated budget. After two months of real estate research, the development project saw the light of day in just 10 weeks.

Moovone - Vue partielle
Moovone - Espace de travail

A space to reinventing.

The 446 m2 offices are both a workspace and a meeting place. The spaces are designed as a multifunctional place around a common thread: the rope. On this project, the rope is more than an object, more than an accessory. It’s a connection, a way for Moovone to express itself and connect to the world. Our teams of architects played on the symbolism of the rope to recall Moovone’s primary activity and to embark the visitor in the world of coaching.

Sometimes, it creates a dynamic in front of the meeting rooms, playing the role of a claustra. Other times, it becomes a marketing element of the company with the logo painted on the strings. It is also the link between the different wings of the site as well as the different universes.

Tailor-made agreements.

To create this minimal atmosphere, our architects focused on the predominant color blue. The cyan color oscillating on blue and green as well as the wood give an impression of absolute tranquility. The use of wood and metal make up all of the furniture.

A selection of tailor-made objects and furniture pieces with nuances and textures borrowed from nature and escape.

Wood, a big trend in office furnishings, improves the concentration of individuals. Velvet brings a touch of softness and the comfort you need to work all day.

Moovone - Vue partielle
Moovone - Espace détente et restauration
Moovone - Vue partielle

Between workspace and living space.

The Moovone living space skilfully blends with the bright meeting space thanks to the sleek glass partitions. The call to nature is felt more in the creative room with the presence of greenery and woods reminiscent of the huts of our childhoods. This room was designed to receive.

Ground treatment plays an equally important role. It allows the visitor to be guided and thus brings out the creative spaces of the common areas.

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Engaged Expertises

  • Architectural Concept.
  • Experience Design.
  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Strategy and Property Search.
  • Furniture and Decoration.

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