Oh My Cream

Paris // Varenne // 380m²

sector Luxury

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A showcase for beauty in the heart of Paris.

Oh My Cream - Vue extérieure

The entire Factory team worked with Oh My Cream to find and design their future premises in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

A rising star on the clean beauty scene for 10 years now, Oh My Cream and its founder Juliette Lévy Cohen make the same promise to their employees as they do to their customers: to take care of them every day. The brand's mission is to reinvent the conventions that have defined the skincare sector for far too long.

Juliette Lévy Cohen has the spirit of a challenger, leading her to build the foundations for more natural, more transparent and more effective cosmetics. To give substance to the promise of better well-being, the start-up wanted to invest in a new location that would reflect its image, its expertise and its ambitions.

Oh My Cream makes room for novelty.

In recent months, the brand's strong growth has meant that new talent has been brought in to strengthen the existing teams.

Naturally, this quickly led to the need to rethink the space dedicated to creativity and innovation, to give ideas more room. To rise to the challenge, we brought in the crème de la crème of the Factory teams: interior architects, designers and property experts, who redoubled their efforts to work together to shape a space that perfectly embodied Oh My Cream's DNA and vision.

From research to fitting out, the guiding principle of this project was to design offices that were as functional and as clean as the ingredients in its products.

Oh My Cream reveals its true colours in its new offices.

Oh My Cream - Lounge
Oh My Cream - Espace de travail

For Factory, the passage of ideas is as important as the passage of light in living spaces.

The architectural premise put forward to Oh My Cream was based on our conviction that natural light sheds a different complexion on feelings and ideas. Responding to dual aesthetic and functional requirements, the glass partitions make it possible to delimit spaces without restricting the free flow of ideas.

Oh My Cream - Salle dé réunion
Oh My Cream - Vue partielle
Oh My Cream - Vue partielle

At Factory, we believe that modularisation and decoration of professional spaces have a real impact on business productivity.

The functional dimension has a major influence on intangible relational dynamics. We have literally modelled our design on the same conviction: immerse spaces in light, to help employees and managers see things more clearly on a daily basis.

With 280 m2 of offices and meeting rooms, our commitment to Oh My Cream was to make decision-making processes clearer and more fluid. Team collaboration was therefore a cornerstone in the design of these new spaces. Bench seating for 4 to 8 people, hybrid meeting rooms and areas dedicated to customer relations have enhanced Factory's response to Oh my Cream and its partners' (beauty bloggers and journalists) needs. As a cosmetics brand first and foremost, it was nonetheless imperative to include private beauty rooms, to test and present products with a view to influencing marketing.

Premises as 'clean' as the company's products.

Oh My Cream - Vue partielle
Oh My Cream - Vue partielle

In keeping with the brand's visual universe and imagination, Factory designed uncluttered, all-white offices, softened with pastel touches for Oh My Cream. Decorative ornaments add depth and a little glamour to the minimalist, modern premises. Like the brand's boutiques, the head office's relationship and professional spaces have been designed as a veritable "temple to beauty".

In terms of the office culture, we have drawn on strengthening the links between employees by reinventing the staff's social interactions. A fully-equipped lounge area and kitchen provide the ideal breeding ground for cultivating employees' well-being and creating warm spaces for day-to-day interaction.

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sector Luxury


placeParis // Varenne


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