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Oreima, investing in the future.

As a French real estate company with 15 years of experience, Oreima is one of the leading independent real estate investors in France.

Specializing in the office and retail sectors, Oreima's added value lies in the sustainable enhancement of real estate assets.

"Oreima strives to design projects that are not only intelligent and promising, but above all, more responsible and virtuous."

As a socially responsible company, Oreima endeavors to design projects that are not only intelligent and promising, but above all, more responsible and virtuous.

Usually commissioned for real estate projects located in the heart of Paris, Oreima is a player capable of innovation. It was within the framework of a real estate restructuring that they called on Factory to assist them with an incredible project, at the crossroads of Nanterre and Puteaux.

Neova, a raw diamond to shape and reinvent.

The stage is set for the challenge that awaits us: to rehabilitate an old building from the 1950s with great potential, covering an area of ​​nearly 12,000 m2, near the eco-district of Bergères.

Our mission: to give a soul to this concrete colossus and make it attractive again for future tenants. And it is precisely because we understand the needs of users so well that Oreima approached us for such a significant project.

This project was an opportunity to implement our skills and diverse expertise in the service of professional space marketing. How, with a limited budget, to revive a cold and aging structure from its ashes? What are the keys to success today for functional commercial spaces?

"A raw jewel, a blank canvas to reinvent with the ambition of making it the showcase of the 'Future At Work.'"

Before us stands a raw jewel, a blank canvas to reinvent with the ambition of making it the showcase of the 'Future At Work.'

From consulting and auditing to architectural design, through conceptualization and marketing, Factory supported Oreima on a very broad scope. To design a space that works and is commercially appealing, we relied on our market knowledge, a detailed analysis of the environment and tenant expectations, as well as an in-depth feasibility study.

What to do with a vast space, complete with a 300-space parking lot and a ground floor garden? A data center? A co-living building? Ultimately, we will make it into professional premises.

A green ecosystem "beyond the walls."

After clearly defining the purpose of the space, its environment, and target audience, we conceived a comprehensive and coherent concept, equipped with the best assets to appeal to its target audience.

We had to design a space that was neutral enough to allow future tenants' appropriation, but paradoxically warm and characterful enough to generate interest. It also had to seamlessly integrate into its surroundings, without clashing with the nearby eco-district. A space enclosed within the city yet timeless, maintaining a perpetual confusion between interior and exterior. At the crossroads of worlds, we envision a vibrant living space bathed in light, where nature seems to have taken back its rights.

We imagined a green oasis protected from the city's tumult, autonomous and intelligent. A business center that encompasses numerous services and communal spaces, focused on user practice. Available to future tenants: a comprehensive fresh-food dining offer with a modular eat & work area, a concierge service, recreational and wellness spaces, including: sports and fitness rooms, landscaped terraces, as well as modular and connected workspaces and meeting rooms.

"A space enclosed within the city yet timeless, maintaining a perpetual confusion between interior and exterior."

Neova thus offers a complete business solution, providing a full-hospitality experience.

Focused on modularity and mobility as well, everything was done to streamline circulation between spaces. More than just a functional support at the junction of the two buildings, the wooden footbridge structures the space and gives the building a unique aura. The concept of naturalness was pushed to its extreme: from selected plant species to garden essences, and through to sourced natural materials. Thus, woven materials, rope, linen, jute canvas, and solid wood create a warm decor.

Responsible for defining the concept, its editorial and graphic identity, Factory conceived the project's naming and all its promotional tools, as well as a comprehensive study to identify the certifications the project could obtain as part of its rehabilitation, ensuring a balance between project expenses and profitability.

"The Neova project is the story of a team quest to achieve the most demanding certifications."

Developing a dedicated methodology and partnering with an environmental consultancy allowed us to turn a real technical challenge into a success.

In a constant balancing act and with little visibility on the project's progress, our teams guided Oreima step by step, enabling them to turn their environmental commitment into reality: from defining objectives to auditing existing conditions, and then budgeting procedures. For example, we had to remove gas from the building, redo the entire sealing of the glass roofs, and source materials locally to obtain demanding certifications. We continuously adjusted the proposal to closely match their wishes while remaining faithful to the budgetary scope. In the same virtuous dynamic, we worked with a clearing company specialized in the reuse of materials to give a second life to native building elements.

No loss, only optimization and reuse. More than just a celebration of naturalness, Neova thus gives meaning to this architectural choice with the ambition of making the project an example of commitment and environmental impact. Thus, thanks to the rigorous adherence to a strict specification and the determination of our teams, the location has now obtained the BREEAM International Refurbishment and Fit-out certification with a 'very good' score.

"Thanks to the support of our teams and rigorous adherence to a strict specification, Neova is now certified and labeled BREEAM."

In the end, this project is now an endless source of pride for our teams and satisfaction for those of Oreima.

Not only because of the technical challenge it represented and the creativity required to achieve it, but also because of the interest it already generates among many tenants despite a gloomy economic context.

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sectorReal estate

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  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Architectural Concept.

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    The use of data analysis and tracking technologies to understand how workspaces are utilized, in order to optimize their layout, design, and features to meet the needs of employees.

  • Picto Bureaux urbains intelligents

    Smart urban offices

    In densely populated city centers, offices could implement smart solutions to optimize space utilization and enhance energy efficiency. This may include public transportation management systems, shared bike infrastructure, coworking spaces, and concierge services for employees.

  • Picto Durabilité RSE

    Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

    The company's initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, promote recycling, use sustainable materials, and adopt environmentally-friendly practices.

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