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An international business law firm dedicated to the French Tech.

Orrick - Vue partielle
Orrick - Vue partielle

Orrick is an international business law firm with over 120 collaborators worldwide.

Born on the American West Coast, the company has specialized in three distinct sectors: finance, energy and infrastructure, and technological innovation.

The West Coast and the development of Silicon Valley have greatly contributed to the success of this firm, which now supports some of the world's largest Start & Scale enterprises.

Orrick - Open space

Sixteen years after its establishment, the law firm is reimagining its model.

Sixteen years after establishing itself on Pierre 1er de Serbie Street, the international law firm is undergoing a profound transformation by choosing two distinct locations: one for its offices on Belles Feuilles Street and another designed as a hybrid space on Favart Street. For the office location on Belles Feuilles Street, the choice of the building was guided by the search for a location in the western part of Paris that offers great flexibility in layout to accommodate new modes of organization.

Simultaneously, Orrick opened its Paris Tech Studio in the heart of the Silicon Sentier, by setting up on Favart Street in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, the epicenter of the French Tech industry. Leveraging its expertise in the Tech sector, Factory naturally supported the firm in its search for space and in the Design & Build process.

When tech inspires traditional professions.

Orrick - Bureaux
Orrick - Espace de travail

Spending hours at his clients' offices, Benjamin Cichostepski, a partner at Orrick, developed the habit of extending his workdays in hybrid spaces made available to collaborators.

Given that startups have long designed their spaces based on the types of activities and collaboration levels expected, Benjamin Cichostepski proposed to the group's collaborators and partners to draw inspiration from these models to create Orrick's Paris Tech Studio: a space that combines various types of production, co-creation, concentration, and even socialization spaces. The project immediately gained the support of the group's collaborators and partners!

The Paris Tech Studio has a dual ambition: to create a space in line with the codes of the new economy and to demonstrate that even more traditional and confidential professions can undergo their own organizational revolution. For Factory, bridging the Tech culture and the legal profession was a natural fit for this project.

California dream.

The Californian coast, long recognized as the cradle of a new way of living and working, did not wait for the COVID crisis to envision new modes of work. It's where the new face of corporate cultures, more concerned, more engaged, and creators of new models, has developed.

As the birthplace of Orrick and this culture of innovation, California was the guiding thread of the project.

Beginning with work on the brand and its identity expression in this space, the Factory teams proposed a name: the "Paris Tech Studio," a dedicated spatial organization, and lifestyle identity codes in line with the Tech universe. From the welcoming lounge, visitors are invited to settle in a multifunctional 70s-inspired space.

This entirely independent area caters to both clients and employees. Passing clients can also take advantage of this workspace between appointments.

"Just as my clients welcomed me into their workspace, I want them to be able to use our spaces between meetings and feel at home; I want the Studio to be a welcoming place," B. Cichostepski expressed.

Embodying a new generation firm.

Orrick - Vue partielle
Orrick - Bureaux

The office spaces at Orrick's Paris Tech Studio are highlighted by a visual break from the entrance that immediately defines their use.

Comprising a central, open-plan layout, each collaborator here enjoys a standing desk that doesn't compromise on quietness. The open space is organized around a central island that also houses a tea and coffee area. This space, which could have been placed in the lounge, was intentionally positioned within the workspace to facilitate team synergy.

Therefore, Orrick's Paris Tech Studio is a reflection of the company that occupies it: a place that combines expertise and modernity, confidentiality and sharing, American culture, and the French Tech spirit!

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