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Pretto - Hall d'accueil

Destructure to restructure.

Pretto - Espace détente
Pretto - Espace de travail

Founded in January 2017 by Pierre Chapon and Renaud Pestre, both polytechnicians, Pretto was created with the ambition of dusting off the mortgage market.

The French start-up, an expert in real estate brokerage, is rethinking the search for a mortgage to make it simpler, faster and cheaper. A complete mortgage comparator that allows you to analyze the different bank rates, but also the loan conditions and the costs of a real estate project.

After raising 8 million euros in funds from Kernel, an investment fund of Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, BlackFin, an investment fund specializing in financial services launched by the founders of Fortuneo, and Alven; FinTech Pretto accelerates its growth and mandates Factory to redevelop its offices.

Pretto - Espace réunion

The rapidly growing FinTech Pretto called on our services to redevelop its offices located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris to accommodate the hundred or so real estate expert recruitments planned for the period 2019-2020.

Eager to create workspaces that reflect the brand, the start-up wanted an environment conducive to the development of its employees and its success. Their desire for more open, warm and comfortable spaces.

Pretto - Vue partielle
Pretto - Espace de travail

From a distance, the FinTech Pretto could look like any redevelopment project. From a distance only.

On this project, the Factory teams were able to deconstruct the place to better restructure it. Divide the offices between different spaces: a shared space, brainstorming spaces … The cut partition therefore came naturally to dress the open spaces. The architectural choice around FinTech Pretto was to create new collective and pleasant spaces. Redesigned, open spaces promote teamwork, employee efficiency and moments of sharing.

New trends in workspaces are emerging. Bubbles feed into the open space, allowing employees to isolate themselves for a phone call or video meetings. Glass is preferred for its transparency which promotes luminosity in spaces. This redevelopment is the result of architectural work. We don’t just put colors on the walls and put up furniture. We deconstruct the spaces to better organize them.

Sublimate the plant.

Pretto - Coin détente
Pretto - Vue partielle

The objective of the project was to achieve a warm and dynamic redevelopment concept by using the color codes of their visual identity, to deploy it and vegetate it in the spaces.

Beyond the aesthetic and decorative role, greening humanizes workspaces and plays an important role in the well-being of employees and their performance. It transforms the workspace into a garden conducive to consultation and serenity. A singularity that can be found on the 6th floor in the sharing space.A space that allows the company to meet, organize events, conferences or seminars. Plants adorn the graphic wall. A destructuring of the place that we find on the cut partitions. The decorative choices are oriented towards tailor-made, pure, light furniture.

The different palettes of green as well as the ubiquitous vegetation recall the visual identity of Pretto. The colorimetry of the group’s visual identity calls for calm and confidence. These are reflected in the privileged and unique relationship established between the user and the Pretto advisor. It is therefore natural that she finds herself in the new offices. Finally, the workspace is in keeping with the brand: reassuring and conducive to discussion. Clean lines contribute to the clarity, functionality and sobriety of the working environment. Echoing the customer’s logo.

Pretto - Espace de vie

Material(s) for reflection.

Initially, the fifth and sixth floors were connected by a staircase. The architect cut and closed this access to create two very distinct spaces. An independent living space has emerged. Designed as a place of sharing, a new comfortable and fun space where everyone can recharge their batteries, eat or host events. In this lounge space, there is room for relaxation and sharing.

A table football has been installed, a sofa, but also tables to bring the teams together for a drink, a company evening or events. The staircase to the fifth floor has been preserved as a decorative element. Factory was able to adapt to the customer’s requests and completed the work in just two months so that the customer could move into these offices quickly.

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