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Sorare - Espace détente

Sorare: the load-bearing walls of a digital revolution.

Sorare - Vue partielle

The client.

Sorare, a start-up with an all-time fund-raising record in France, is a sports simulation game dedicated to trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) via cryptocurrency. Like the iconic Panini cards, the game is based on the exchange of digitised cards representing professional sports players divided into 4 levels of rarity. The aim is to collect cards (NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain), build a team and play fantasy sports games to try and win competitions.

Sorare is a next generation brand at the crossroads of virtual and real worlds, gaining over 2 million devotees since 2019. Although Sorare began by focusing solely on the world of football and its celebrities, the game's success soon led to it being extended to other sports, such as basketball and baseball. Above all, Sorare is the standard-bearer for great sporting values that we share at Factory, driven as we are by the same passions.

Sorare - Vue partielle

Spaces for success.

The start-up's unquestionable success was being felt, in particular, by its workspaces, which no longer corresponded to the needs of its employees. The premises were beginning to look a little cramped for a start-up that likes to think big. To continue their path to success, Sorare founders Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort were aiming for growth that was as bold as it was rapid. A wealth of ideas and a desire to take the brand to even greater heights led them to contact Factory to take up the challenge. Factory's task was to meet their short and medium-term expansion ambitions, without ending up on the sub's bench.

Because customer satisfaction is Factory's refrain, our property experts rolled up their sleeves to find dedicated, warm, spacious business premises with an outdoor area that could accommodate no fewer than 50 people in the best possible conditions. The premises needed to exemplify an experienced and innovative brand based around the world of football. As signifiers of the brand's image and identity, the professional areas also needed to offer a holistic experience to visitors, journalists and potential investors.

A new playground for the Panini 3.0 album.

Sorare - Espace football

The aim was to build a strong, cross-disciplinary visual identity around football, using rich imagery that could be adapted endlessly.

We chose a 550m2 venue in Soarer's preferred district of Paris. A place with a unique aura, for a brand as iconic as the sportsmen and women it honours. More than just a problem of capacity, this project was, above all, a question of identity. The aim was to build a strong, cross-disciplinary visual identity around football, using rich imagery that could be adapted endlessly.

It was Sorare's brand signature, "the game within the game," a common thread running through the architectural and creative choices that drove the interior design concept. Our teams were able to combine rigour, passion and pleasure, in a project that generated a collective desire for achievement. Between the ultra-modernity of the gaming 3.0 multiverse and the nostalgic traditions of collectors, this project called for a unique space where these two worlds could meet.

A passion for sport is built here.

We wanted Sorare's business premises to reflect their polyvalent brand. That's why we've designed a multi-faceted space, where each area explores a different aspect of the world of football: from the entrance of the stadium; to the matches; the spectators; the players; from the virtual game to the real thing. The idea was to immerse employees and visitors in a match atmosphere where the excitement is palpable from the moment they enter the premises. Invaluable fuel for productivity, creativity and team cohesion.

The brand's DNA is a blend of technology and sport, and the premises project the features of both worlds: digital; sporty; innovative. The underlying idea was also to provide fun, entertaining spaces that would respond to the dual criteria of a consistent identity and quality of life at work for Sorare's employees. The cornerstone of this unique space is a connected football pitch, equipped with a movement detector and artificial intelligence to count the number of goals scored. The highlight is a bar area reminiscent of an English pub, which symbolically reinforces the identity of football. From the choice of layout to the modularity of the spaces and the decoration, nothing has been left to chance and everything contributes to reinforcing the stadium vibe. The walls are decorated with T-shirts signed by iconic players, there are changing rooms and a bicycle garage to encourage soft mobility.

Providing fun, entertaining spaces that would meet the dual criteria of a consistent identity and quality of life at work for Sorare's employees.

Factory - Espace détente

Of course, Factory did not lose sight of the central element of the client's need: premises that are practical, comfortable and, above all, conducive to productivity. So the slightly busier look of the common areas is counterbalanced by simpler, sleeker offices, using materials such as concrete and aluminium in a loft-style setting. Sorare's DNA of entertainment and gaming were left in tact and used as the stimulus for the brand's growth.

That is why every space has been designed with a hybrid use in mind. For example, the football pitch serves as a space for staff cohesion and well-being, but can also be used for collective reflection during meetings or conferences. Factory achieved this by choosing adaptable furniture and retractable screens to adapt to the appropriate mindset in an instant.

Sorare - Espace de travail

What drove our design of the Sorare premises? To think smart and boldly, using a modular, creative approach that is always surprising and never abstract.

Much more than just offices, the Sorare premises are the reflection of an intelligent, inventive and innovative brand capable of brilliantly playing with the porosity of different environments to create a unique world of their own.

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