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Syntec Federation, or the foundations of a professional collective.

The Syntec Federation is a French professional organization that currently brings together no fewer than 3,000 groups and companies from the fields of digital technology, engineering, consulting, events, and training.

With the support of its 5 member unions - Numeum, Syntec-Ingénierie, Syntec Conseil, Unimev (French Union of Event Professions), and Les Acteurs de la Compétence - the federation represents and defends the interests of these sectors, while promoting their growth through the promotion of professional training and employment.

It is precisely to better collectively address contemporary challenges and accompany the evolution of the industry that it intervenes with stakeholders. As a true spokesperson for its members, Syntec plays a key role in collective negotiations, particularly on collective agreements and industry agreements.

"The world of work is reinventing itself, and with it emerge new challenges to be met for companies and employees."

Factory brings everyone to an agreement.

Faced with the looming countdown of a lease nearing its end, Syntec turned to Factory to find its future professional spaces.

Ironically, for an organization functioning in collective synergy, the various unions were, until now, fragmented and physically disconnected, to the extent that one of the entities even had separate premises and an address. The main challenge of the new headquarters was then to restore meaning to the collective, a founding value of the organization, by truly embodying its structuring mission: to unite stakeholders and represent the unity of a professional sector.

Flex office also represented a significant element of the project. After considering an occupancy audit conducted by our team of experts, it emerged that workplace flexibility was a widely shared expectation. Addressing this issue posed a challenge both logistically and humanly, due to the number of decision-makers involved, representing the governance of each of the 5 entities.

"Restoring meaning to the collective, a founding value of the organization, by truly embodying its mission: bringing together stakeholders of a professional sector."

Achieving a general consensus on the prerequisites and identified needs for the future offices was a real challenge given the political stakes involved. How to fairly respect the wishes of each union while considering the majority decision-making role of the Syntec Federation?

An exercise combining diplomacy, active listening, and rigorous organization, made possible notably by the regular implementation of co-piloting meetings. The objective: to onboard and involve all unions at the same level in the project.

Reunification Operation.

Previously located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 9th arrondissement, Syntec primarily aimed to find, for its premises, an ultra-central and highly accessible context within inner Paris.

Our real estate strategy experts have found the ideal location, which has managed to bring together all decision-makers of Syntec and meet their requirements. Thus, the new setting for the collective is a dedicated floor of 2,000m2, nestled in a shared office building, right in the heart of the Saint-Lazare district.

Brand new, ultra-spacious workspaces brought together on a single floor provide a fresh start for Syntec and its unions. The location notably accommodates around a hundred workstations and offers a dedicated space for subletting of 250m2.

"New, ultra-spacious workspaces, brought together on a single floor, offer a fresh start for Syntec."

Transforming the individuality of the entities into a collective strength.

Our teams had to face a paradox: allowing the individual expression of each entity while fostering collective expression through the uniqueness of the space.

How to reconcile the individual territory of expression of each union while achieving visual harmony? To answer these questions, one of the solutions was to retain some of the existing furniture, allowing, in a way, to preserve the uniqueness of the entities in a shared approach of upcycling. A graphic framework allowed for a consistent ambient rendering across the entire floor, avoiding a "patchwork" effect. Initially considered a constraint of the building, the large partitions throughout the floor were enhanced by our teams to become the main charming feature of the place.

Draped in vast wooden panels and large black glass partitions, the partitions have become the signature identity of the space. A blend of wood and industrial elements, punctuated by rounded blocks of color, lends a unique character to the entire space, bringing warmth in contrast to the more austere gray carpeting. Another challenge of the layout in this collective space was to ensure the smooth operation of each entity, considering their individual needs and work processes. To address this, the spaces were naturally delineated into "neighborhoods," aided by the original partitions.

"A paradox to reconcile: allowing the individual expression of each entity while promoting the collective unity of the space."

The completely open floor plan, complemented by an electronic badge system, allows for free movement and encourages synergy among the entities.

A tailor-made reflection based on the workforce and usual working modalities, among other factors, allowed for the implementation of specific arrangements, such as flex-office spaces, closed offices, or open-plan areas, according to the needs and habits of each team. To foster this renewed union, spaces for cohesion were also a prerequisite to promote the creation of internal bonds. The cafeteria thus became the headquarters of the entire floor. Its hybrid nature allows employees to gather around the highly appreciated central island, as well as work in flex-office setups in a more informal environment.

In the image of Syntec, the cafeteria serves as a meeting point for various unions and professional actors, fostering synergy and collective intelligence. We thus invested all our efforts and creativity to make it a timeless space, imbued with its own identity and graphic universe. Vibrant tones and less formal codes give the place a unique atmosphere, warmer and more relaxed. More than just a project, it has been a human adventure for our business units and for client collaboration. A true bond of trust established in response to client satisfaction and an incredible co-construction dynamic will certainly leave a lasting impression on our memories of this project.

"Like Syntec, the cafeteria is a meeting point, fostering synergy and collective intelligence."

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sectorProfessional federations


placeParis // Saint-Lazare


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    Customized workspaces

    The creation of personalized and adaptive workspaces that automatically adjust to individual employee preferences and needs, including lighting, temperature, furniture arrangement, etc.

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