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Support the transition of IT consulting experts.

Founded in 2017 by 3 partners, Matthieu Hasser, Olivier Dagneaux, and Fabien Taillon, Texeï is a consulting firm specializing in the Salesforce platform, the leading CRM software.

An audacious yet lucrative specialization, as the company can boast, in just 6 years, of surpassing €7 million in revenue. The strength of the rising star in IT consulting is also its community of passionate "Texians".

Expert consultants driven by a common ambition: to accompany their clients' digital transition to ensure their economic growth. Their claim "Turn your IT into business" embodies the transformative impact of Texeï on its clients' business.

Auditorium texei

Texians or nothing!

Contrary to appearances, nurturing the Texeï community is actually quite challenging!

As the company assists its clients in their digitalization efforts, its employees primarily work directly at the mission site. Due to the regular relocation of a portion of the workforce, Texeï has had only 12 workstations and around fifty square meters of usable space for about sixty employees until now.

Under these conditions, it's impossible to imagine organizing a team building event on-site and accommodating all consultants simultaneously in the offices. While this business model has fueled Texeï's growth, it has also contributed to weakening the company culture over time.

"The ambition is to build a genuine corporate culture and unite employees in a common, owned space."

Despite cramped quarters stifling the company's social bonds, its ambition remains undiminished. This ambition notably includes uniting employees in a common, owned space, serving as the true nucleus of the internal social fabric.

And it is in this desire to strengthen collective unity that Texeï reached out to our Factory teams, following a glowing recommendation from a satisfied client.

Find a new base perfectly suited for the Texians.

Thanks to preliminary work in comprehensive real estate strategy consulting, our teams were able to quickly identify offices perfectly suited to the company's objectives.

The implementation of pre-hunting real estate workshops allowed us to gather the context, needs, and objectives of Texeï, as well as precisely target the most suitable properties. We then mobilized our most experienced experts, who have the best knowledge of the Parisian market, to establish financial, business, and experiential KPIs to refine and facilitate the search.

This initial framing phase allowed us to find a new gathering place for the "Texians" in just 24 hours and 3 visits. The answer then became obvious. Texeï was quickly captivated by the Parisian architectural charm of a top-floor attic, on Rue de la Chaussée d'Antin.

"Factory implemented financial, business, and experiential KPIs to precisely target the most suitable properties."

The property met all of Texeï's prerequisites: in addition to being ideally located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement, the premises offer a unique layout with spaces spread across 2 floors and 4 bright, open-plan levels.

The primary concern regarding office space being addressed, the highlight of this property is an additional space, allowing Texeï to sublet a portion of the premises. This space notably accommodates an additional 12 workstations and has completely independent access.

The thorough understanding of the requirement and the tailor-made response from Factory has definitely established a relationship and a climate of trust that has been more than beneficial to the entire project.

Texeï makes its headquarters an anchor point.

Across the 450 m2 of space, our primary aim was to design a reassuring, comfortable anchor point where employees feel "at home."

We emphasized the timeless aspect of the offices, aiming to appeal to a wide variety of employees without becoming tiresome over the long term. Therefore, the decoration blends sobriety and elegance, with white and beige tones prevailing. A bright and clean chromatic style, occasionally enhanced with more vibrant touches of color, especially in the meeting rooms.

To give substance to the company culture and bring Texeï together around common values, it was also important to embody the company's identity markers more strongly through the premises. Blue played a major role in the color palette, balanced by warmer tones to always maintain this warm atmosphere.

"The emotional intelligence of an organization forms the fertile ground of collective intelligence."

At Factory, we're equally convinced that an organization's emotional intelligence forms the fertile ground of collective intelligence. Therefore, we prioritize in each of our responses, imagining communal spaces dedicated to creating or strengthening internal bonds.

We've set up a lounge area, cozy and modular, furnished with modern-designed sofas, armchairs, and couches. Its hybrid use allows employees to enjoy both moments of calm and more informal professional exchanges. Custom-made shelves, coffee tables, and rugs give the large reception area a welcoming aura conducive to gatherings and conviviality.

In the cafeteria area, large capacity tables and a fully equipped dining corner allow consultants in attendance to gather for lunch. Beyond the socializing spaces, we've also multiplied productivity areas: meeting spaces, phone booths, and isolated spots enable greater concentration, while open spaces promote co-construction and free movement of consultants throughout the floors.

"The Future at Work" also encompasses stimulating, communal, and bond-creating living spaces that go beyond the traditional logic of pure productivity.

After 5 months of construction, the result is undeniable: Factory has succeeded in revitalizing desirability for the offices, thanks to increased comfort and a higher quality of life. Consultants have reclaimed their workspaces and have predominantly returned to in-person work between missions. The design of cozier shared spaces has truly facilitated the reunification of a more cohesive Texeï entity.

"The Future at Work" also involves designing stimulating, communal, and bond-creating living spaces, whose function goes beyond the traditional logic of pure productivity. For Texeï, it's a new base for collective emulation, which thrives on monthly "Tex Day" events, whose energy has positively impacted employer branding and boosted recruitment efforts.

Customer's word.

We are delighted with our new offices! Our employees are thrilled to be able to come together once a month for their 'Tex day.' There are significantly more consultants on-site since the move to the new offices, rather than working remotely between projects, which was a key success factor for us.

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  • Strategy and Property Search.
  • Architectural Concept.
  • Furniture and Decoration.
  • Workplace Strategy.

  • Picto Bien-être et santé des employés

    Employee well-being and health

    Initiatives focused on the physical and mental well-being of employees, such as relaxation areas, fitness facilities, health and wellness programs, flexible work schedules, and leave policies.

  • Picto Digitalisation et Transformation numérique

    Digitalization and digital transformation

    The adoption of digital technologies to automate processes, enhance operational efficiency, facilitate remote collaboration, and foster innovation within the company.

  • Picto Flexibilité et Mobilité

    Flexibility and mobility

    Policies of flexible work, such as telecommuting, flexible hours, or coworking spaces, to enable employees to work independently and choose the location and hours that suit them.

  • Picto Technologie et Innovation

    Technology and innovation

    The integration of advanced technologies into the work environment, such as online collaboration tools, smart home technology, virtual or augmented reality, to facilitate communication, productivity, and user experience.

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