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VYV - Vue partielle

The construction of a « Common House ».

VYV - Vue partielle
VYV - Espaces de travail

Groupe VYV is comprised of of several mutualist and social economy players, including Harmonie Mutuelle, MGEN and UMG, with 550 employees.

Initially located in the Montparnasse Tower, which is undergoing a major renovation project, Groupe VYV needed to find new premises. They found offices under construction in the 13th district of Paris, intended to become the « House for all Mutuals, » able to accommodate more entities than in their former building.

As the future headquarters, this new project involved the employees to co-create transverality and innovation. This large-scale project required Factory’s numerous services, ranging from assisting the group in negotiating and signing the lease, to overseeing the project, to the design and execution as a general contractor, as well as helping select the made-to-measure furnishings.

Co-creation of a project over time.

VYV - Espace sport
VYV - Salle de réunion

From the initial contact to the delivery of the offices, the project took over two and a half years to complete, with only a five month build-out.

This time frame allowed us to implement a tailored methodology and to adopt an approach that respected the client’s specific needs. This produced a result in total alignment with the group’s ambitions ! In partnership with Spinoza, a think tank, we began by conducting an in-depth study of change management regarding the quality of life at work.

This led to the integration of biophilia, relaxation spaces and natural soothing materials, maintaining a connection to nature and a sense of well-being within the built environment. Throughout this collaboration, we also informed and questioned the employees in numerous ways: showroom, newsletter, phone app with weekly news, webinars, visits… The goal was to get the whole group on board and united ! We wanted everyone to thrive in the new workspace.

A tree of life for a village-like atmosphere.

VYV’s project was to create a place that embodies a « Common House, » where each entity of the group can feel at home.

This dynamic represented a big methodological challenge with the aim of encouraging everyone to contribute their ideas about the project’s design and evolution, which inspired the architectural process. The architectural project started with the concept of a village square, where there is often a large oak tree, symbolizing a tree of life, that serves as a central gathering place.

Like this special place, which reminds us of home, we featured the central elevator as the pillar of a tree of life that spreads throughout the building, creating a bond among the employees. The welcoming elevator landings become places to meet up and interact. The ceilings are covered with mirrors to create an impression of continuity throughout the building, creating a feeling of being “together.”

Feel at home at the « Common House ».

VYV - Espace détente et restauration
VYV - Vue partielle

The ground floor has been designed as the VYV village square, according to the principle of corporate coworking, with open spaces to meet, mingle and interact!

It brings together all the entities and adapts to the events that are held there. Even the color of the light changes according to the moment! To green up the space, the challenge was to « bring the outdoors in » by creating an inside/outside effect through the creation of a plant canopy and a winter garden. To reinforce the idea of a VYV « Common House,” we graphically integrated elements of the group’s charter through organic forms on the ground. Like foliage, they are both a reference to the brand and to the tree of life.

The furniture, made of solid wood and textured, completes this feeling of life that develops and unfolds in the spaces, associated with monochrome colored fabrics that create a peaceful environment. Listening to our client’s needs led us to rethink working methods by expanding the possibilities. Flex office, open spaces, phone box, collaborative spaces, alcoves, project tables, creativity room… The unique and adaptable spaces can meet the daily needs of everyone. The creation of Groupe VYV’s premises was carried out in the spirit of what it aimed to achieve: sharing and exchange. The feedback is positive since the final result is the expression of the occupants’ needs and expectations !

VYV - Vue extérieure

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