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Weglot - Espace de travail

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Weglot - Vue partielle
Weglot - Vue partielle
Weglot - Vue partielle

The client.

Weglot is a start-up that offers an automated and online translation service. This tool saves considerable time and money for brands that want to make their websites multilingual.

A high-profile start-up.

Weglot is a high-profile start-up with 30 employees, with the objective to grow in the short/medium term by about 10 people. Following COVID, they sought new premises to accommodate their team. During the search, we proposed a transitional solution in a co-working space : WeWork.

They were looking for a place that would allow them to develop the Weglot identity, which reflects the start-up’s soul. This space had to offer all the comfort necessary for offices (luminosity, space, practicality), but also to provide the possibility to create meeting and exchange areas for the employees, thus encouraging social interaction.

Weglot - Vue partielle
Weglot - Espace détente

A special address.

We found 400 m2 offices at 7 rue Paradis in Paris. An address that makes sense for Weglot: the start-up was created in this neighborhood! In the heart of Paris, the building is part of an ecosystem of innovative and dynamic companies, in line with their identity.

The premises had just been renovated by the owner and thus offered a strong structure that just needed to be fitted out in the Weglot spirit, by meeting three challenges:
– Create an open space conducive to collaboration between the different hubs and to accommodate 35 positions in the immediate future with a possible increase in density the following year ;
– Propose more dynamic and daring spaces, adapted to new uses ;
– Designing the project materials in harmony with the building and its environment (wood, black metal and vegetation).

A layout that multiplies uses.

The office’s open plan layout is U-shaped. We took advantage of this layout by designing a distribution that guarantees continuity between the spaces. The layout seamlessly combines work and relaxation.

Features :

  • At the entrance, a large living space with relaxation and dining areas, as well as a dynamic meet-up area with a platform ;
  • A large open-space in the brightest area: it occupies about 50% of the floor ;
  • Formal meeting spaces that are integrated into the workspace ;
  • Mixed zones, coworking and brainstorming, and telephone areas that allow employees to work alone or with others in unique and inspiring spaces.

The layout offers multiple spaces whose boundaries are defined by visual effects that highlight rather than partition. A dynamic that accompanies the new hybrid work modes. By opening up the spaces, there is not a break of the perspective and, above all, light can penetrate all the spaces, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Optimize and personalize the existing space.

Weglot - Vue partielle
Weglot - Espace restauration

As the space was recently renovated, we integrated and enhanced it, thus making it their own. We respected the materials and colors chosen, adding the Weglot colors. The ceiling was charcoal gray and the flooring was a classic Parisian parquet. We followed the continuity to maintain the cachet by using charcoal gray for the kitchen, for example.

In a logic of homogeneity and coherence between the spaces, we also added a parquet floor on the surfaces which did not have it. The metal posts in the open space were covered with metal mesh covered with vegetation for a natural feel. In order to highlight the Weglot imprint, we also added touches of blue in the reception area and in certain pieces of furniture. The logo appears at the entrance: it is accompanied by a large world map on the wall to emphasize the brand’s universe. It is also found in the workspace.

Weglot is now located in the heart of Paris, in offices that are harmonious with the values of the start-up. A workplace that supports new ways of working and that can accommodate the company’s business growth!

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