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Wormser invests its family history in a new headquarters.

At the origin of the collaboration, initial exchanges in 2021 constituted the beginnings of the relationship we would build with the Wormser family.

Faced with aging Haussmannian buildings and a significant rent increase resulting from renovation work, the family bank located until then at 13 Boulevard Haussmann, found itself forced to leave its historic premises.

Very attached to the neighborhood and its historic family home, Wormser Frères finally settled not far from the original headquarters, just a few steps from the previous offices.

"A dual functional and identity challenge: rethink the use of spaces but also and above all, transcribe the family history in these new premises."

The future headquarters is nestled on the 3rd floor of a Haussmannian master building, with many apparent assets.

Completely renovated and opened up, the new headquarters boasts a contemporary aspect, unfortunately devoid of the charm of its predecessor.

It is precisely in this context that Wormser thought of Factory to meet a dual functional and identity challenge: it was not only a matter of rethinking the use of spaces to optimize occupancy and avoid loss of space, but above all, to transcribe the family history in these new premises.

A new space, a bridge between eras and generations.

Very attached to their former premises, Wormser wanted to tell its story between these new walls.

The main challenge: infusing the aura of the previous headquarters, to rediscover the historical and family heritage in a fully renovated apartment, where all the Haussmannian markers have disappeared.

To design a new gathering place that inherently embodies the brand's values, we tried to recreate the experience of an authentic family home, at the crossroads of generations. From color schemes to decorative choices, the subtle blend of period furniture and markers of innovation represents the cornerstone of our proposal.

"The ambition: to imagine a temporal bridge between past and future, a place imbued with stories and ready to welcome new ones."

In the image of the two leaders and their humanistic and benevolent personality, we tried to recreate a soft and warm atmosphere, "like at home" through beige, wood, then embodied by the logo's identity green.

The very natural tones, sometimes energized by more modern materials such as brushed aluminum or patinated quartz, constituted the common thread of the project.

This new breath is also that of the Future at Work which participated in dusting off the Wormser family heritage, to reinvent it through its offices.

Creating connections and strengthening collective intelligence, not only internally, but also with its clients, was one of the structuring expectations of the project. Previously non-existent, many meeting rooms and phone booths were designed to promote exchanges. The boardroom, one of the most striking, all dressed in green and bathed in light, overlooks Boulevard Haussmann from the most prominent corner of the floor.

As for corporate culture and internal cohesion, a fully modular tea room and a patio space with trees in the heart of the premises, create unprecedented and warm breathing areas for more informal moments. Even the reception area has been enhanced with smaller, more cozy lounges, to offer visitors and clients a proximity experience far from the cold and disembodied bank.

Combining tradition and modernity.

We left the headquarters of our family bank established by our great-grandfather when we were founded in 1936. Changing offices when you have been working there for generations is not an easy thing. We are delighted to have been accompanied on this adventure by Factory who managed to create workspaces that are both more modern and functional but also warmer, embodying our profession and staging our history and our desire to constantly combine tradition and modernity.

Marc and Julien Wormser
CEOs Wormser Frères

"Offering visitors and clients a proximity experience far from the cold and disembodied bank."

The chosen furniture also responds to this imperative of well-being: carpets, round tables, buffets, and solid wood pieces constitute the perfect setting for a warm family home.

The ambition: to imagine a temporal bridge between past and future, a place imbued with stories, ready to welcome new ones.

But beyond the friendly atmosphere, how can the memory of this family culture really be brought to life in the new offices?

To celebrate it. In a logic of exhibition and through a mini museum experience, we have created a visiting route around the client area, to meet the history and know-how of Wormser.

The idea: to embody this dual family and business culture, to bring warmth to the heart of the spaces.

Through a commented tour, helped by labels, the curious can contemplate old press publications, various works of art, inherited solid wood furniture, or even professional objects from the past, here and there, mixed with more intimate family portraits.

In a dual logic of preservation and decoration, old access doors, authentic counters, and other masterpieces in solid wood, invite you to discover or rediscover the history of this mythical family bank, but also that of the profession.

The moral of this adventure?

The narrative experience within the premises managed to involve the leaders, but also the employees, delighted with this new daily decor and now ready to write new chapters together.

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  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Architectural Concept.

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    Data analysis for workspace optimization

    The use of data analysis and tracking technologies to understand how workspaces are utilized, in order to optimize their layout, design, and features to meet the needs of employees.

  • Picto Ergonomie et bien-étre améliorés.

    Enhanced ergonomics and well-being

    The use of advanced technologies to create ergonomic and adaptable workspaces, including height-adjustable desks, smart seating, lighting and noise management systems, etc.

  • Picto Espaces hybrides

    Hybrid spaces

    The creation of versatile work environments that provide a combination of collaborative spaces, concentration zones, meeting rooms, and relaxation areas, allowing employees to adapt to various types of tasks and needs.

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