Paris // 1 500m²


A made-to-measure headquarter.

The client.

Zenly, is a social network allowing you to locate your friends and family in real time. Once registered and connected to Zenly, you can view the geographical location of your loved ones on a map.

Zenly reached out to Factory to search and design their new Parisian office.

A real estate project reflecting the company’s DNA.

Founded by Antoine Martin and Alexis Bonillo, Zenly is a renowned company in the French tech-industry. After a few relocations, the founders were looking for a place that would allow their teams to be even more creative and efficient by putting the DNA of their brand at the centre of their new office. Indeed, the new location was also supposed to be a tool helping the overall performance of their company as well as retaining and attracting the best international Tech talents.

A place dedicated to work, but also to freedom.

Located very close to Bastille, the new premises consist of 4 floors. The ground floor houses the reception, where you can leave your bike as if you were in New York while immersing yourself directly into the Zenly universe by taking a look at the “manga” inspired film shown just before taking the elevator.

The 2nd floor unites 70 employees on a single floor. The founders wished to have the whole team sit on one single floor in order to facilitate communication and creativity. It was also important for the brand to have a wall representing the emojis created by their teams for the application as well as photos of the team.

This wall was designed by integrating a screen showing all live Zenly users around the world as well as the emojis sent in real time. This is intended to show all the technology acquired and developed over many years by Zenly.

Chill and gaming.

On the 3rd floor one finds a custom-designed kitchen as well as a big space with about fifty seats for several purposes: conferences, lunch, work meetings or as a chill area and finally an area dedicated to gaming and creativity with the installation of 3D printers.

The 4th and last floor is dedicated to more formal meetings where board meetings are usually held.

A unique place in Paris.

It was very important that the place allowed the teams to work well, but the founders wanted to go even further in order to make their office an iconic place. With this in mind, we created a climbing wall, which is the only one known in a Parisian office up until now. Furthermore, we created a meet-up zone designed under a trampoline where the teams feel like if they were on a boat.

And finally a chill zone was built to ensure everyone to take breaks under the attic where you feel like at home. The well-being of the employees was the central theme of this real estate project given into the hands of Factory by Antoine Martin and Alexis Bonillo.

Summary sheet

Logo Zenly


area1 500m²



Engaged Expertises

  • Architectural Concept.
  • Concept & Storytelling.
  • Refurbishment.

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