3/6/9 lease

A classic for commercial property.

What is a 3/6/9 lease?

The 3/6/9 lease is a lease that lasts for three, six or nine years. It is a commercial lease that is automatically renewed every three years unless the owner or tenant decides to terminate it. This is the ideal solution for businesses with a long-term vision.

Three-yearly reviews of the 3/6/9 lease?

The three-yearly review of the lease is compulsory. It is governed by article L145-34 of the French Commercial Code. The lessor must inform the lessee in writing of its intention to review the lease. This notification must be given at least six months before the end of the lease. Thus, at the end of each three-year period (every 3 years, 6 years and 9 years) a lease contract must be revised.