Commercial property

Spaces in the throes of change.

What is tertiary real estate?

Article R151-28 of the French town planning code defines the use of buildings and property assets in 5 categories. Offices, industrial sites, warehouses and conference and exhibition centres make up the 4th sub-destination in this category, which characterises all tertiary real estate.

The challenges facing the tertiary sector.

The tertiary sector is evolving rapidly and expectations are rising sharply:

  • The world of logistics is booming with the growth of e-commerce and so-called green or last-mile logistics.
  • The industry needs to be more technological and efficient,
  • Convention and exhibition centres need to offer an enhanced experience.
  • Offices are playing a new role in corporate culture, and their uses are becoming hybrid.

The challenges facing the service sector are therefore manifold. First and foremost, it is a question of meeting the growing needs of businesses in terms of workspace and storage, while promoting their economic development. It is also important to guarantee the quality of the premises and services on offer, in order to attract and retain customers.

Transforming commercial buildings?

To meet the different requirements of users, offices are trying to adapt to new technological and ecological advances (certified buildings) and to new ways of working (coworking spaces, open spaces) in order to optimise the quality of their operation.