Definition and utility for a company.

What is coworking?

According to its etymological root, the term “coworking” means “working together”. Sharing a workspace is a strongly developing phenomenon.

The benefits of coworking.

As a self-employed worker or SME/VSE, this concept has multiple benefits. Indeed, it allows you to take advantage of equipped places offering various services at a lower cost. In addition, the members of such a space benefit from a dynamic framework allowing them to evolve in a network of workers and to exchange their skills.

The different types of coworking areas :

Classic coworking areas.

They are open to all audiences from all sectors. They therefore bring together diverse and varied profiles and are often very popular with young entrepreneurs. The ideal opportunity to benefit from an efficient and complete workspace that is also flexible. The atmosphere and the work environment are much more motivating and promote meetings, they allow you to open up to new projects thanks to the professional community that is formed there.

Specialized coworking areas.

They bring together a well-defined clientele who can then find each other, help each other and share. A good way to build a network but also to increase your productivity and creativity by learning from the experiences of others.

The development of a coworking area.

From a flex office point of view, many coworking areas now offer freelance offices where employees can freely move around, depending on the tasks to be carried out. Formal or informal meeting rooms are also available to members of the place, who are allowed to use these rooms by reserving them in advance via an IT system (for more information, read our article on smart office).

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