Location storytelling

Why is location storytelling so important?

What is location storytelling?

Originally, the term storytelling meant storytelling or narration. It is a set of techniques inherited from tales and narratives, making it possible to structure stories around companies or brands for communication purposes.

In other words, it is the art of telling a story. It must capture attention, provoke emotion and be consistent with the brand personality to promote its anchoring and its image with consumers.

The story can be invented as a myth, or it can reflect the history of the business. In both cases, the important thing is that it is captivating!

Why do location storytelling?

Storytelling is today one of the most effective levers for creating one’s identity. It strongly participates in positioning and branding.

This technique is therefore essential for:

  • Create or strengthen the identity of your company
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Capturing attention and creating emotions
  • Convey its brand values
  • Retain an audience

It’s a great way to transport your community to your world and get deep into your brand discourse, convey your values, what drives you and makes you proud. The company is a living place, of exchanges, of stories and of meetings where all kinds of ideas emerge that deserve to be told!