Property analysis

An essential approach to managing your commercial property strategy.

What is a property analysis?

Property analysis is a discipline that looks at all aspects of real estate in order to better understand and evaluate it. It is often used in property investment to determine whether a property is a good deal or not.

What are the benefits?

If property analysis is an essential part of a successful project because it allows you to :

  • Estimate the value of a property;
  • Thinking about your future investment;
  • Reduce the negotiating margin for the seller or buyer.

Whether you're buying or selling, property analysis helps you optimise your timeframe (sale or purchase) and make the right decisions about your investment.

Why entrust your property analysis to Factory?

At Factory, our advisers are 100% independent and work to satisfy your exclusive interests. We develop in-depth analyses and relevant solutions to help you make the best possible real estate decisions.