Search mandate

Delegate your property search to improve performance.

What is a search mandate?

Property search mandates are contracts signed between a company and an estate agent, under which the latter undertakes to find the client a property suited to his or her specific needs. It covers a range of services, including property negotiation, property search, etc. This principle of delegation is governed by the French Hoquet and Alur laws.

What are the advantages of a search mandate?

There are several advantages to engaging a property search to find your offices:

  • Save time: your agent will use his or her network to find the property best suited to your needs as quickly as possible;
  • Our advice: you'll benefit from the advice of a seasoned expert;
  • You will only pay fees to your agent if you are satisfied;
  • You don't have to worry about negotiating prices or all the administration involved in selling a property.

Why entrust us with your search mandate?

At Factory, our agents are 100% independent and work primarily on behalf of users, which allows them to take an agnostic approach to the market and negotiate the best possible terms on behalf of the tenant.