From "White Collars" to "Dry Collars": How to recruit in 38°C weather?


May 29, 2024

Maddyness Article#2

Discover the perspective of Arthur de Charentenay, Director of Transformation at Factory, on the impact of climate change on offices.

At work, global warming will lead to three new risks: unprecedented health problems, new social divides, and a significant drop in productivity.
Yet, these risks are often underestimated by users, raising the question of whether the world of work is the great forgotten aspect of climate change.

In addition to discussing new regulations that drive innovation, Arthur de Charentenay delves into the topic by distinguishing between anticipation and prevention:
"There is the aspect of anticipating disaster, risk management: if it’s 38 degrees for eight weeks a year instead of three weeks, how do we manage? And there is the aspect of participating in preventive actions: what actions do we take today to prevent these 38 degrees from becoming 40? How does the company become an active and responsible citizen of the world of tomorrow – and how does it engage its employees?"

An article that opens avenues for reflection on how to face a phenomenon as complex as it is urgent.

The full article published (in French) on May 23, 2024, is available on the Maddyness website.