Interview Scale Up by Factory with Alexandre Fretti, Co-CEO of MALT


April 24, 2024

Scale Up Malt

The Future at Work with MALT // A conversation between Alexandre Fretti, Co-CEO of Malt, and Jules Dubois, Co-Founder of Factory

A new headquarters? But for what purpose...

Welcome to the episode of The Future at Work dedicated to Malt's brand-new HQ. And how offices can contribute to a company's development beyond real estate matters!

In conversation with Jules Dubois, Co-Founder of Factory, is Alexandre Fretti, Co-CEO of Malt, the leading freelancing company in Europe.

In this interview, Alexandre discusses the significance of this new headquarters for Malt in the context of pursuing its overall strategy, as they've just celebrated their 10th anniversary. He explains their challenges and expectations in making this new location not only a fantastic working tool but also a tool serving the company culture, team creativity, and Malt's brand presence within its ecosystem.

In detail:

  • 00:00 – The maturity of the headquarters
  • 01:15 – The office as an enhanced working tool
  • 02:02 – The importance of office dining
  • 02:55 – Embodying company culture in the space
  • 04:17 – Individual expectations versus collective message
  • 05:12 – The office as a marketing asset