Price per m2 In Paris

Understanding prices per m² in Paris.

Office rental prices, and commercial property prices in general, are expressed in m2/year. The cost of renting an asset is therefore expressed in terms of price per m2 per year, excluding tax and charges, and it is this measure that enables us to compare the rental prices of one space with another.

It should be noted that taxes and charges vary from one building to another; taxes correspond to the taxes payable by the tenant (office tax, property tax, household waste, car park) and charges are linked to the office rented but also to the building charges paid by the tenant.

In Paris, the price per m2 varies according to the location and condition of the space. Significant differences in price per m2 can therefore be observed depending on the district (with the most expensive rents in the 1st, 2nd and 8th arrondissements), but also on the quality of the offices (shell, age of the building and latest renovations, communal areas, etc.) and on the level of services integrated into the building and included in the lease (e.g. gym, hybrid spaces, or new-generation restaurants).

Factory can help you.

As an independent consultancy, Factory constantly analyses developments in the Paris market and, as part of its search mandates, offers its user clients a selection of locations that incorporate the criteria adopted and target objectives such as the expected price per m2.