Property broker

An intermediary between the user and the owner.

What is a real estate broker?

The term ""broker"" refers to a property agent who specialises in negotiating property contracts. They help tenants and owners find common ground. A broker carries out a brokerage activity with a view to facilitating the conclusion of a contract for the sale or rental of a property. The estate agent profession in France is governed by the Hoguet Act of 2 July 1970. Estate agents must hold a professional licence with the words ""transaction sur immeubles et fonds de commerce"" (property and business transactions).

Use a property broker.

By using a property broker to help you find the right premises, you can benefit from personalised support throughout the search and negotiation process. Property brokers are experienced professionals who know the different property markets and can help landlords find the best possible deals. What's more, property brokers are often able to negotiate advantageous terms for their clients, which can lead to considerable savings.

The French model.

In France, property brokers can represent and be remunerated by both parties, tenants and owners. In the case of office rentals, the fees represent 30% of the lease rent and are borne equally by the two parties. Fees are only payable in the event of a transaction involving the signing of a lease or a deed of sale. In this respect, the French model differs from the Anglo-Saxon ""Chartered Surveyors"" model, in which each party must be represented by and remunerate a separate property broker, in order to avoid any conflict of interest.

The new Factory model.

Following the Anglo-Saxon model, Factory is an exclusive advisor dedicated to the interests of the user. Factory does not market business premises on behalf of landlords. Acting solely within the framework of an exclusive mandate to find premises on behalf of the user, its independence from lessors means that Factory has access to 100% of the offers on the market. Our exacting and rigorous methodology, together with our negotiating experience, enables Factory to find the premises best suited to the user's specifications and to negotiate the financial, legal and technical terms of the contract in the user's best interests.