Stay or Move analysis

To have all the information you need to decide whether to stay, renegotiate your lease or even consider moving.

What is a stay or move analysis?

The life of a company generally evolves faster than the terms of a 3,6,9 lease, so it is advisable to carry out a regular real estate analysis of your situation, even before expiry dates, to identify whether your offices and their costs still correspond to your company's current or future needs. The Stay or Move analysis is a comprehensive real estate analysis that assesses a company's real estate financials, but also takes into account other factors that may have an impact on its current or future situation, such as :

  • The terms of the lease,
  • Building-related charges,
  • Expenses related to services provided for the site,
  • The company's workforce over the medium and long term,
  • The current or future organisation of the company,
  • The impact of teleworking, etc

Why carry out a stay or move analysis?

Carrying out this analysis can save you time and money, and will enable you to refine your property and workplace strategy. Whatever the conclusions of this analysis, it will enable you to answer the following questions (non-exhaustive list):

  • Are the terms of my lease better than those I could currently obtain?
  • Can I renegotiate the terms of my current lease?
  • Can my premises accommodate an increase in my workforce? And if so, can my lease accommodate more people?
  • How can I get out of my lease even if it hasn't expired? And under what conditions?
  • How can I launch a search and find a buyer?
  • What are all the options I have for absorbing my growth (staying on my premises + looking for another space; choosing to look for a transitional space; anticipating my growth and taking larger premises, etc.)?

Why entrust your stay or move analysis to Factory?

Factory advocates independent, experiential and relevant property advice. Before you embark on your search for new offices, our teams will work with you on your stay or move analysis, taking into account your needs, your ambitions and your current contractual situation.