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The Building
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Quantis is a company that accompanies and advises businesses wishing to start thinking about the optimisation and implementation of sustainable packaging solutions. This dynamic company based in Switzerland benefits from a network of 7 international locations. Factory was commissioned to help the company set up its Parisian office by first providing property research and consultation, then by realizing the interior architecture and spatial planning work.

Real Estate Search
Design & Creation
Realisation & building
Made-to Measure Furnishing
Paris 2nd
450 m2


Our client, who is familiar with real estate transactions, entrusted us with a particular search involving the lease of a space that needed to be completely renovated. This is a very rare operation which involves constructions works and where the office occupancy is postponed.
Its first advantage is the realization of a customized layout entirely adapted to the needs of the company, all at a lower cost. The first step is entirely driven by the tenant, who values the asset, and which is then brought back to a negotiation with the lessor. This is the second advantage of an operation of this type.

The company wished for a workspace that would be suitable for gatherings and exchanges. It was also an opportunity to create pleasant and inspiring offices that would encourage the employees’ creativity.


The premises had not been renovated for almost 30 years, so the structure of the building and its organization was not adapted to new, agile ways of working. Factory therefore proposed a complete renovation project for the premises that would meet the technical specifications as well as the client’s needs.
From partitioning, to flooring, to redesigning of the electrical and plumbing networks, everything has been carefully brought up to the highest standards by our teams of professionals.

Work had previously been done on the facade to transform exterior spaces into interior spaces. As the Haussmann-style building was not at all suited for such works, the place lost all its acoustic and thermal insulation qualities. We came up with a special concept offering a “second skin” to the inside the offices. This solution allowed the creation of a veranda both as a passage area as well as a space dedicated to private telephone conversations.


The main challenge of this project was to create a place capable of bringing together all the employees on an irregular basis, all in an environment conducive to team spirit and conviviality. The whole organization of the open space was reorganized to bring all employees together on the same floor. The aim is thus was to create interaction between the different teams.

We have also created an informal part on a entire aisle of the platform. It is dedicated to relaxation and customer reception and is located on the edge between the catering area, meeting space and the cafeteria.

The creative and decorative side is anything but swanky, here we favor the “do it yourself” approach. Everything is in the image of the company, simple and accessible. The materials, floors, fabrics have qualities of durability, cleanliness and practicality.

Welcome to the Quantis Building


Photo Credits: Julien Pépy


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