Scale-up Interview with Juliette Lévy, Founder and CEO of Oh My Cream.


February 15, 2024

Scale Up Oh My Cream

Welcome to this new episode of Scale Up, the interview of a leader in motion, by Factory.

The Scale Up interview aims to trace the link between real estate strategy and the hyper-growth of a company and to reflect among leaders on how new ways of working impact offices.

At the microphone of Nicolas Micallef, Juliette Levy, Founder and CEO of Oh My Cream, the clean beauty concept store that revolutionized the cosmetics sector and just celebrated its 10th anniversary!

In this interview, Juliette talks about her real estate strategy and the importance of embodying her brand DNA even in her offices. She also traces her journey as an entrepreneur, her vision for the future, and the essential role played by her investors, Eutopia and Experienced Capital to name a few. Finally, she explains how new ways of working have shaped her offices to make them the best tools for development and recruitment.

In detail:

  • 00:00 – The challenges of real estate search
  • 03:18 – The office as an extension of the brand experience
  • 04:18 – The early days of the Oh My Cream adventure
  • 06:06 – Oh My Cream's growth strategy
  • 07:06 – The role of investors
  • 08:30 – User experience in offices
  • 09:48 – The office as a tool for performance and recruitment

In ten minutes, you will understand why integrating the real estate dimension into your business strategy is key to moving fast and far!