Atelier du Galion at the Palais de Tokyo: 'Creating Engagement, the New Challenge in the War for Talent.'

The Future at Work

November 30, 2022

Le Galion au Palais de Tokyo

Beyond remuneration, what are the new expectations of employees and the new challenges in work organization?

On October 13, 2022, the 2nd edition of the Galion Workshops took place at the Palais de Tokyo. If you weren't there, here's a summary of the key highlights from each session.


  • Jean Moreau, co-founder of Phenix
  • Jérémy Clédat, co-founder of Welcome to the Jungle
  • Alexandre Jost, founder of La Fabrique Spinoza
  • Jules Dubois, co-founder of Factory


Provide entrepreneurs with key insights into the challenges related to the changing relationship with work and share concrete examples of solutions and best practices implemented to address the challenges of the search for meaning and work-life balance.

To read the summary (in French) prepared by the Galion teams, click here.